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fresh start ♥ ~

I'm still working on the design of this blog ~  trying to make it look as girly as possible without adding too much (eyesoring) blink.

It's really interesting when you become aware of how your sturdy opinions or preferences change with the time. I used to hate pink. I used to hate eating garlic and spicy food. I wanted to "fit in" and never stick out. ^^'
...Then I discovered Korean food... it's spicy and terribly garlicky and I love it! ^^''
...Now I enjoy dressing in all possible colors. After living in China for 1 year you get used to being stared at - just because you're caucasian.
I learned to ignore it. So now back in Switzerland I am finally able to dress in whatever style I like and actually feel comfortable while wearing it out. Thanks, China-stay! ~ 
I wish this world to become a more colorful place ~ I'm trying to do my part - what about you?

take care
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