Published 2/28/2010 by

taking pictures ~

Today I took some pictures of our beloved cat Levi...
He's such a funny cat! Normally he likes to chill around half asleep but as soon as I approach him with my cam he starts winding around, trying to sniff at it and making in so hard to have a good shot of him ^.^''

aww~ now I remember, it's been around a month since I last skyped with my best korean friend.
I think she moved this month, I'm wondering when she'll send me her new address. (I want to send her some yummy Swiss chocolate) ~ 
리나 언니 정말 보고 싶어~ >.<''
she's one of the sweetest persons I met during my stay in Beijing.
Friends like her are precious treasures.
I miss all the evenings we spend talking about life, guys and other stuff. I miss switching between English, Chinese and Korean. I miss hanging around with you and enjoying our laziness together. ♥

I've met many interesting people in my life but I've been to stupid or too lazy to keep in touch with some of them... but I will definitely never forget them! Love you guys! ~
I wanna make much more friends in the future but I'll try not to lose contact with my "old" or "temporary bff" from past times. You all influenced me in some way.
I'm grateful to have met you.