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Alice In Wonderland ~

Today was another great day
My Fiancé and I went to see "Alice in Wonderland" and it was very entertaining. Nonetheless I have to say that the movie didn't inspire me too much, because the storyline was a bit boring, very predictable and also without any special twist. Specially the ending was a bit disappointing, since everything sorted itself out too easily and hastily ^^

(spoiler) Moreover the figure of Alice is too emancipated for her epoque. I mean, what girl (in her time) whose father was death and who completely depended upon other peoples financial aid would be able to 1. reject the marriage proposal of a rich guy 2. get away with that easily 3. engage in a serious business relationship with her (not)-father-in-law and 4. travel alone to China or wherever the ship was planning to sail to.... strange, right?
Then again I think the image really fits the contemporary ideal of a young woman who knows what she wants and what she doesn't want and who actively makes decisions and takes responsibility for her actions. that's a very modern and positive image of a woman and I liked how Alice developed that confidence throughout the movie. (as I said: the only critique is that it doesn't fit into her historical epoque) ~ 

The animation was really beautiful! I loved the different settings and colors in "Wonderland", the different characters and their way of interacting with each other.

I dressed in Lol ita for the cinema and it was lots of fun to walk around the city in a pink x babyblue combination