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first month! ~

Today it's been exactly one month since I first started this blog! ~ *whoohooo* I'm really proud to have been able to blog every single day and also improving my blog design and presentation

I wanted to say thank you to all my visitors, to all who came to my blog through some lol ita community, or through some random google search!
...and I specially want to thank all my subscribers! (currently 11)
I hope to be able to blog all that I have in mind, being creative and reaching more people in the future! (I'm planning to do a give-away contest when reaching the 50 followers mark - but I think that'll still take some time xD'' )

btw since I'm already writing about my blog, I think I want to explain what this blog is all about ^^
This blog won't become a fashion / makeup / nail blog! (I don't have the interest nor experience to offer tutorials for make up or nails stuff or showing off my makeup items. this doesn't mean that I'm not interested in reading about it in other blogs, but it's not my style)
I plan to make a full lifestyle blog. This does not only include daily ranting and outfit pictures, but also a travel diary and topics about my hobbies and passions (where asian influences highly dominate ;D). I wanna blog some reviews of asian tv dramas or cds or post some picture I drew (yes, I'm not only a wannabe celeb-blogger, I'm also a wannabe Mangaka and Designer xD'' ) or comment on some actual political/economic event in Switzerland ^_~

Hope you'll follow me on this broad blogging journey! ~


btw today is my our 1 year 6 months anniversary ~  好幸福哦