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Hime-kaji ~

Awww~ I just "discovered" a very inspiring fashion style: it's called "Hime-kaji" (Casual Princess Style) and it's some kind of toned down version of the Hime-gyaru (Princess Girl) style. Recently liking feminine, frilly dresses (and I enjoy wearing them in a elegant way), that's how I ended up buying Loli ta clothes. I soon after heard of the Hime-gyaru style and I kept an eye on that style since there was something appealling in that modern princess look. Unluckily the official Hime-gyaru dresses are way too expensive and their hair and make-up are too over the top for me. I was looking for some way to make it look more casual, but the mix style "Hime Lol ita" wasn't much different and still too eccentric for me. Now I've finally found an "official" term for a casual (modern!) princess fashion style and I'm eager to use it as new source of inspiration! *yay*

Look at their hair style... 짜증나 死了!(<- as I would say ^^')
the whole outfit screams: decadence!

Hime Lol ita
doesn't this give you a feeling of "royalty"?
but it's still "too much" for me ^^

the perfect blend between "normal" gal style and princess style