Published 3/05/2010 by

korean lessons ~

Today we finally started our Korean lessons (season two). We are only few people, but I really don't mind - this way it's much more intensive and (maybe) we get to learn much more! ^^ let's see... what did we learn today, besides having some random talk?

  • 은-form example: I like rich men. 돈 있는 남자 좋아해요 .
  • -고 싶어요 example: I wanna travel to Korea! 한국에 여행하고 싶어요 !

Anyway, it was lots of fun and I hope to be able to improve my Korean and have a stable basis before starting to learn Japanese in September... I know, it's quite heavy wanting to master Chinese, Korean and Japanese (specially for a non-asian), but I'm sure I'm gonna make it some day! (well, not quite "master", but maybe just being able to speak fluently...? )
Looking forward to next week's Korean lesson! ~