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mini condoms ~

Ever since I saw the article on www.20min.ch (yes, I know – the article is from two days ago!) it’s been bugging me to write this off my chest:
What’s that article about? I cite the headlines:

The first condom for children youths
"The normal size condom is too big for every fourth adolescent.
But there was little alternative. Now, Aids-Help Switzerland and Ceylor present the specifically for adolescents designed condom."
(. . .)

Anyway, wtf ist his? Sounds very nice and stuff, but think about it, it’s complete bullshit!
Firstly, it’s kinda promoting youths to have sex. What normal society should promote having underaged sex??

Secondly, who would proudly buy a S-size condom publicly? I mean, a mans P is his whole pride. Who would buy small condoms of his own choice? Must be stupid right? It’s same thing for girls and big clothing sizes ~ seriously, who buys a bigger size if they can fit a smaller one??

Anyway, my opinion
Boy, if your P is that tiny then maybe that’s because YOU ARE STILL A CHILD (yes, the P will grow, just like your whole body, muscles (and maybe even) brains too). Just because you can arouse bcause of your (slowly awakening) male hormones doesn’t mean you have to put it in some other (nearly pre) teen body to „do it“ like an adult -_-
You should be able to wait till your P has grown a bit to fit normal size condoms.
Moreover, the girls (or whatever sex partner you might choose) will know about the "hotshot condom" (< the tarnishing name of the mini condom) too - will you calmly pull it out and put it on, proud of your slimness and perfectly aware that your partner (even without having had any other sexperiences) now already knows that you are small???
Of course, if you are one of the grown-ups who hasn’t been gifted below the waist – I understand completely... but still, would you buy a SMALL SIZE CONDOM???

A suggestion:

Just change the whole sizing system! Rename the small size to „normal“ size and so on.... can you image how flattered men will feel, when they suddenly have to switch to „PLUS SIZED CONDOMS“? ;D (it’s a good method to make them feel proud and prevent them from nagging – and it gives space for guy boasting talk)

...and concerning the tiny youths... just put them in a cage and prevent them from having sex instead of promoting it! =P

shame on you, Switzerland! I’d suggest to design a bra or high heels for 7 years old „Ladies“.