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more korean! ~

Yesterday evening was fun again ^^ We have korean lessons every week from 6pm-8pm (it's a voluntary course and we have to pay extra if we wanna join).
It's a pity that our Department for East Asian Studies doesn't offer "Koreanology" (Korean Studies as a BA course), we "only" have to choice between Sinology and Japanology. It's a big improvement that at least they offer this optional Korean course. Sadly not many people don't appreciate this effort, so now we're only like 4 students in this class ~ and each of us has to pay much higher tuition fees. >.<'' and I can imagine that having decreased from a 15+ students class in the first term to a 4 students class in the second term it's most likely that there will be no third term...

(btw that's what I wore for school ^^)

Anyway, what did we learn yesterday?
We practiced the 은 / 는 ~ form and then we learned a song ( 좋아요 ) from an old Korean singer ( 송창식 )
. . . i't some kind of love song that could be interpreted as buddhistic or zen inspired... anyway, too high for someone who just started learning Korean ^^'
Then we learned the 서 ~ form that is often used to express a reason / condition / time order. We learned to construct this kind of sentences:

  • 친구 와서 재미 있어요 (because a friend came it was fun)
  • Pizza를 만들어서 로라 하고 먹었어요