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next destination: Turkey!

I've been invited by my mother to join her and my brother for a travel holiday. Some weeks ago she finally told me our travel destination: Turkey!
First I was a bit shocked, since I had expected a more "exotic" place like Egypt or India.
But then I thought "what do I know about Turkey?" Nothing, actually.
What do we associate with Turkish people? Döner Kebab. What else? some highly criticized cases of honor killing. maybe ...beach vacation, too? aww, and of course: minarets!

( more about minarets and stuff in my "lacosta & politics" series! )

Anyway, I realized I have no idea (and many prejudices) about this country. I'm looking forward to this round trip and to finding out more about Turkey.
I'll be away on holiday from April 26th to May 4th. You can expect a fully detailed "travel diary" with lots of photos! ~

I'll also be trying to learn some useful phrases (I hate travelling to places where I don't understand the language - maybe it's normal for you but I understand many languages and the last place I visited where I didn't understand anything at all was Thailand in 2006 ^^' All other places, Germany, Italy, London, France, China and even Korea - since I started learning the language I didn't feel like a complete tourist, I was trying to pick out as many words I knew xD'' )
Since my brother used to learn some Turkish when he was younger (yes, my father encouraged that "hobby" - just like me learning Chinese) I randomly remembered some of his sentences. ^_^'' ...so that's what I can say in Turkish:

  • tesekür ederim (thx)
  • iki tane dürüm (2 Dürüm plz)
  • bir, iki, üç (1,2,3)

...yay folks, that's all I know! great, right? "