Published 3/29/2010 by

A nice day ~

Today was a really tiring, but also very nice day!
It started with some troubles due to the switch to summer time - this gets me confused every year!
Then I tried to cook some Korean Bibimbap ( 비빔밥 ) and it turned out tasting like it but... a bit ugly looking! At least I made a new experience! (and now I know that I shouldn't add too much of the Korean Red Pepper Paste) ... it's super spicy!!
And after that I only had 1 hour left to prepare for my very first "official" Gothic Lol ita Meeting! I was a bit excited, since I didn't know any of the ladies before and the only one I had met before couldn't make it for the meeting . And I wasn't sure if I was overdressed / underdressed / too casual / too pink... you know what I mean, right?
But in the end it turned out to be a very casual meeting, I met many ladies with interesting personalities and had really nice conversations.
After coming home I was able enjoy Shrek 3 while eating the dinner that my fiancé prepared. Now I'm watching Pan's Labyrinth in bed and my fiancé is already asleep... I'm too tired to write more... *yawn*
I'll post a review of the meeting tomorrow!!