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on dressing extraordinarily ~

yay, finally weekend!

...and tomorrow afternoon my fiancé and I are gonna go to the cinema to watch "Alice in Wonderland" (3D) *happy*

Today I helped out my mother, who had to prepare some posters with conjugations of Italian verb and list different nouns and stuff - she's an Italian teacher ^^'

Anyway, I dressed in casual Lol ita and on my way to her school (and back too) I got lots stares, many laughing people and some child even shouted "eeew" and I was thinking "you're lucky that I'm a handsome woman or I'd shout at you for being so disgustingly impolite (note @ myself: teach your future children how to behave in public)" and then a tamil woman who was sitting in the bus smiled at me and said "NICE!" ~

In the evening I went for dinner with my fiancé (yummy lamb fillet) and some guys we passed by tried to hold me back and one shouted to the other: "see? I told you that they were pink!" (they meant my boots ^^') later the waitress came over and complimented me for dressing up so prettily every time (we frequent that restaurant quite often - it's super yummy!) and that some people on the other side of the restaurant had even made a bet about a girl wearing pink boots - and then she asked me "are they really pink?" . . . so funny! :D

Anyway, some times I just feel this world (specifically said, society) is too boring and monotonous to wear lol ita. Everyone would stare at you, cause you look like you just fell down from a fairytale sky. ~ but when I see the beautiful nature (masking the people out) or get some nice compliment I think it's still worth dressing according to your own ideal of beauty and not letting other people's remarks get you down!

After all, we are contributing to making the world a much more colorful place! ~