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on having a promotional job ~

(beware, this article will be quite long)

Today I had to get up at 5am. I hate it cause I'm a typical late riser. But since I'm a poor student (and I really am one, my parents are unable/not willing to support me during my studies ._.) so I had to get a part-time job. One of my jobs is interpreter (for Italian, Spanish and English to German) and the other one is a casual promotional job. It's very casual, cuz depending on work orders I get to work in a specifical promoting project like 2-3 x in a month and some times I don't get any offer for several months.
I've been doing some promotional jobs for Rivella, a special Swiss softdrink. But the Rivella I promote is even more special, it has a strange taste - it's called Rivella yellow. Since I'm too lazy to explain the whole "Rivella concept" I'll give you a link: Rivella - Wikipedia

Anyway, that was just the background story - today was my last day promoting Rivella Yellow and this job is so much fun (but also very tiring), you get to meet so many funny people and it simplifies the approach and communication with other people.

( You must know, in my opinion (and I have a South-american and Italian cultural background, where people like to get together and celebrate and be mostly cordial to each other) Swiss people appear to be quite frigid and reserved (I dare say even a bit shy) in public. Each of them goes through his own life and doesn't care about anyone else. I used to live in a small(er) town next to Zurich and there people on the street would greet each other or greet the driver when getting on a bus or dismounting. Here in Zurich everyone is cold. I feel stupid if I smile at someone and they simply don't smile back and so I grew up to be quite a strange teenager with some kind of social anxiety. Luckily my year abroad helped me to open up a bit and now having to face as much people as possible in this promotional job helps me even more )

You can imagine the scenario: Our team meets up, arranges the drays with Rivella bottles and splits into different groups who give out the bottles for free to popularize the product.

(note: I'm not on the photo (+ it's not mine) but this are people from our promoting team)

( I always think that living in Switzerland is such a bliss, if you are a commuter who passes stations you're most likely gonna get some free sampling items at least once a month if not more often. It's a good form of marketing strategy )

The only problem we face is that Rivella Yellow isn't exactly a new product, it had already been launched in 2008 but its taste was horrible polarizing - and since the group of Rivella Yellow Lovers seemed to be a minority there has been another Relaunch last year.


the normals:
Sometimes they walk straight to you and ask nicely if they can get a bottle (or two) or you just thrust it into their hand and they take it and say thanks.
if they don't want one they just smile and say "no thank you" or "I don't like it - thanks". (even though I can't understand how you can refuse a free item? I mean, if you don't know it / think that you don't like it - just try it! you can still throw it away after one sip, right? or you can take it to some co-workers or family members, they might like it! )

the amiable bores:
They come to you, talk with you about the drink (example: is this new? what is new about it?) but just a short time and then thankfully take one or several bottles since "they like it soo much".
Another group (specially older ladies) comment how nice we are and how convenient it is since they are going to hike in the montains / they are soo thirsty / whatever.
Also some older ladies try so start a "conversation" with us (they are all so friggin lonely) but - sorry! - we have to keep on distributing bottles to other people, no time to chat! (if you were a good-looking young man/woman then it would be another matter of course )

the (assholes) rude ignorants:
One group: young teenager or preteens. The "hate" the drink and they not only refuse to get one (hey it's for free man!!! but anyway, you can just say "no thank you" and it's ok, right?) they even have to loudly proclaim how DISGUSTING this drink is! (sorry but maybe you haven't tried the relaunched version or you are such an egocentric person and don't get that just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's disgusting...
there is so much stupidity in this world... ~.~''
Second group: prototype: besuited business men (between 30~45yrs old) or middle-aged ladies with fancy clothes and costly pearl necklaces. What they do? Nothing! They just walk through you as if you were dust, they don't even bother to shake their head or say "no thanks", they just ignore you and keep their head up in the air. (ok, of course not all besuited men and fancy ladies are like that and there are also some distracted people who are too absorbed in trying to find the right train platform (remember, we are working in train stations))

the annoying slyboots
Mostly young children/teenager (between 9~14yrs old) who are either going to classes or going back home. They come with innocent air and cheap plastic bags and try to collect as many bottles as they can. I guess it's like some game for them. The more you collect the cooler you are. They repeatedly visit all of your groups and get their 1-2 bottles on each place and then they either send other (younger) friends (who try to be cool too) to get more bottles for them or put on their friends clothes (like hoodies or caps) or take off their own pullovers to "look like another person" and get some more bottles.... some times they are quite funny, but after coming like 5 times in 10 minutes it becomes annoying.

the shy lurkers
Sometimes people living in Switzerland, sometimes freshly arrived tourist groups. They simply don't get the fact that we're distributing bottles FOR FREE! unbelievable, right?
So they are most likely those distraced people who don't get a bottle thrust in their hand when passing us by but shortly afterwards realize that they've "missed something" and then keep looking at us from a distance (for example waiting for the shuttle bus like 10-20 meters away from us). They just keep looking unable to decide between coming back and getting a bottle or just forgetting about it. Sometimes I decide to "deliver" them from their pain of discrepancy and just get a pack of bottles and walk around and ask all of them again if they wish to get some...

the (sometimes psycho) creepers
Some of them are like the bores and just want to start a conversation. BUT their topics are different and they are either smelly homeless or really freaky middle-aged men who try to joke around with us (girls). SUPER ANNOYING!!!
Some pass us by looking in our direction and when we ask them if they want a bottle they just say "maybe later" - later? wtf! take it or leave it! Later we might not be here anymore! It's a f*cking BOTTLE! Means: you don't have to drink it now, just store it in our bag or throw it away or give it to someone else ~ sooooo dumb!!

Anyway, as you see there is a colorful range of people we meet while distributing our promotional Rivella bottles. and of course I'm exaggerating a bit when dividing all those people in these categories but there really are some weirdos out there...

But I get to know nice people in my team and joke about the weirdos or tell each other some funny anecdotes and today I even got two nice compliments on "how nice my eyes are". adorable, right?

Hope you enjoyed!
And I'm looking forward to other promotional jobs! ~ *hehe*