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OMG!!! I'm skipping classes today pretending to have a fever (well, actually I really do have a tiny cold) and while trying on my new Secret Shop socks and teaparty shoes (soooo cute ) I just got 2 hours ago I get a phone call from my father.

(for those who need visual food when reading blog entries)

He and his new wife are leaving Switzerland tomorrow. tomorrow???! wtf!! thanks for letting me know in advance!! ;_;

(yes, they are a bit of a chaotic couple)


anyway, this evening is his Bye-Bye Party and I still don't get it... my father is emigrating to Brazil !!
(for those who don't know me: My parents are divorced, I stayed at my father's place and I used to be a sticky Daddy's Girl till I turned 19 and left for 1 year language studies in China. ._.''

whatever - my father is leaving tomorrow... ottoke? >_<''