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What do you do to forget your sorrows? of, course - SHOPPING!! ~
(what!?? you don't know why I'm feeling down? read my last entry, dork!! =P )
So I finally decided to buy a new digicam, mine is getting worse and worse (even though it's not old at all >.<) - most of the photos without flash are blurry and since I hate using flash that's really troublesome.... you might say, but the photos you upload on your blog are fine, what's your problem? well, compared to the amount of pics I take during a specific shooting the ones I upload are like crème de la crème (means: the best of the shooting) and of course since I have to photoshop them to scale them you can't really see if they are focused or not ^^'
...anyway, Xiaxue's review of the Canon Power Shop S90 really conviced me - so I just bought that cam! ~ 
I hope it will arrive by next monday :D You can look forward to many, many photos from now on ^_~

(I know it's ugly, but who cares? as long as it's good =P I can still add some stickers or rhinestones later ~  )

...and I'm waiting for this cutie to arrive ^^
blue and bunny ~ instant love