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May 2011 in a nutshell ~


  • IN SHORT: Spent the whole month procrastinating and feeling bad about it ^^'
  • I'm back to brunette and loving it
  • started re-frequenting my favourite Manga Scanlation pages
  • ...watched heaps of Asian TV Dramas again!
  • started socializing with my wo-workers
  • went to work in a full Loli outfit
  • watched the newest "Pirates of the Caribbean" in 3D with laogong: The cinema was empty and we lifted our feet and enjoyed "stepping" into the 3D movie XD''
  • was invited by my mother to a YUMMY indian restaurant
  • having the chance to do my SAMPLING job (check here for my experiences in this funny job)

me in my SAMPLING outfit + food we got for free

my working Loli outfit

Currently ♥-ing

food: Indian food !! (but it's soo expensive to indulge in too often)
clothes: my newest AP dress *Aqua Princess*
activity: whatsapping I know, it's lame XD''
movie: ダーリンは外国人 (My Darling is a Foreigner) funny and romantic movie
tv drama: 시크릿 가든 (Secret Garden)
book: "Everyday Wisdom - 365 ways to a better you"
iphone app 1: whatsapp I've been having so much fun chatting with work colleagues lately ~ XD
iphone app 2: photosynth taking panorama photos is SO much fun!!

some of my beloved panorama photos:

random photos of laogong and levi:

yummy food:

Plans for June 2011

getting out of my Procrastination circle -.-''
find a place to relax (maybe a steam sauna?) ♥
making better friends @ APPLE (as long as I'm still there)
study more Japanese

exchanging silly cat and food photos with a freshly made friend


How did you experience May?