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How to order from Yumetenbo ~

this article will be updated soon, I just added it for the sake of completeness! ^^

Since so many of you come to my page by googling "Yumetenbo" and Kitai asked me how to order I'm writing a small guide. Hope you enjoy! ^^ There's an updated Article about Yumetenbo here
First of all, if you don't want to pay extra for a shopping service you shouldn't order from the Yumetenbo store but from the Rakuten Yumetenbo Store (don't worry, there's nearly no difference between the 'main' store and the rakuten one - only that the 'main' webpage looks much cuter, but the items stay the same!.
 Rakuten hosts many, many different shops and offers oversea shipping. So to order from the Rakuten Yumetenbo Store you will have to register on Rakuten! ^_^ notice: You'll need a credit card First of all, go to the Yumetenbo rakuten page: http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/dreamv/
Click on the link in the right top of the page ^^  
 You'll have to click the register link ^^  
 Fill out the register form (on the right top you can choose between Japanese/English) you don't even need to give many infos, just the 'red required' ones! ^^  
 ...yay, you're registered!
 confirmation mail:
ORDERING: choose the right color ^^  
after clicking the "add to basket" button you'll be asked to log in (unless you already are) 
 in your first shopping spree you most likely don't have any points yet... 
 choose payment method (I do it with credit card) and shipping method (only choice - EMS) - the other stuff is when you order from Japan! 
 confirm your order! ^^
 complete the order *^^*

... congrats! your first yumetenbo order! ^^ enjoy the items! ^_^

if there's some substep that I haven't illustrated or that you don't understand, you can alway send me a mail! and don't forget: Google Translation is your best friend!! ^_~ (sorry for the crappy image quality, I put together this tutorial between 1-2am and I'm tired to death... =_=''' )