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Back in Switzerland ~

I'm finally back to Switzerland! (hello Facebook, Youtube, Livejournal and Blogspot! There's no access from China without illegal software ^^')

Despite the relatively nice weather here I'm all shivering... the climate change from humid 30+°C to chilly 18°C was a bit too sudden... but I'm looking forward to wearing out all the cute jackets and trousers I bought! ♥

My boyfriend treated himself to a new motorbike. He'd always dreamed of owning one and now he's finally gotten around to buying one ^^
So the last two days we've been using it excessively when buying groceries and other stuff. ★ ☆ ★

Yesterday was "Knabenschiessen" (a traditional, regional Swiss celebration, where teens have a shooting contest in Zurich, so in the afternoon the shops were closed... in order to escape the boredom we took a trip to Luzern (we = the whole family of my bf and I ^^') and had a wonderful dinner in a fish restaurant. ~

I've been experimenting a bit with the new clothes we bought in China...
I'm starting to become a sucker for red again... it's such an explosive color!

Anyway, my physical condition has gotten much better, but I still suffer from waves of giddiness and indigestion, so I asked for a meeting in a Swiss hospital and I'll be having a blood analysis and other test (even though I'm highly afraid of that >.< ) to finally find the cause for my frailty... and I hope to be nearly healed when university starts again! (well, that's already next week, so my body better hurry up =P)

...let's change the topic! Here some of the outfits I wore in the last few days ^.^
Yes, I finally got my (3 pairs!! of) western boots from Yumetenbo! I'll review them later! ^^