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An open loveletter ~

Thank you for writing me (a stranger) an email telling me that you too liked Jay Chou's music.
Thank you for chatting with me for hours on msn and "listening" to all my rant.
Thank you for inviting me over for bbq and meeting me in real life (august 2008).
Thank you for all the dates and the fact that you paid every time, because I had no money at all.
Thank you for the first kiss that marked the beginning of our relationship (september 2008).
Thank you for making me believe in love and long-time commitments again.
Thank you for waiting in front of my door with either flowers, a dessert or some other small surprise.
Thank you for helping me move apartment 3 times.
Thank you for letting me to move in your room and share every day with you.
Thank you for organizing a trip for my birthday week-end every year (London 2008, Berlin 2009).
Thank you for moving to our very own apartment in september 2009.
Thank you for all the back massaging and extended shopping sessions (carrying my bag when it's too heavy).
THank you for investing so much time, energy and money for me.
Thank you for putting up with my moods and depressions.
Thank you for doing the cleaning, cooking and washing when I'm too lazy.
Thank you for taking the lead and helping me submit applications to find a part-time job.
Thank you for giggling every time you see a rabbit because it reminds you of me.
Thank you for letting me influence your clothing style and also the way you think.
Thank you for mostly submitting to my will and letting me have things the way I want.
Thank you for adapting to all the lifestyle changes I've been through, including loli and gyaru inspiration.
Thank you for buying me an engagement ring and promising me to marry me in 2012.
Thank you for planning the names and dates of birth of our future children.

Laogong, Thank you for walking into my life.


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