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Weekly Happiness # 1 ~

starting my new job (@apple)
impatiently waiting for Princess Coco
watching two cute BTSSB teddy bears hugging on my desk
enjoying chocolate cookies with a cup of tea as breakfast
hearing my bf singing love songs (karaoke) by himself in the living room (and knowing that they are dedicated to me)

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♕ Princess Coco ~

I'm proudly presenting:
Princess Coco, a lovely white Kleinspitz.
you can see how she'll look as an adult from the photo of her mum/dad(?) in the background!

She'll be our new family member as of October 23rd!
Actually I'm a bit confused how to call her breed in English, because as far as I know, only the smallest breed of the "Spitz"-family are called Pomeranians and Coco will be a tad bigger (~25cm) than the Pomeranian breed but she still keeps all of the typical Spitz-features.
I think the only thing that distiguishes Pomeranians from the other Spitz is the super small size (~22cm) and their flat ("baby") nose which has been bred intentionally to make Pomeranians look extra cute.
I'll just call her "Kleinspitz", that's the German expression, which literally means "small Spitz" (whereas the Pomeranians are called "Zwergspitz", "dwarf Spitz")
We bought her from a reputable breeder from Germany and we'll be picking her up in two weeks. I'm so excited! *^_^*

I'll post more photos of her when she arrives in her new kingdom, in the meantime we'll have to puppy-proof our home... (((p(>v<)q)))!!
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Pomeranian Puppies = ♥ ~

This may sound superficial for obstinate dog-lovers...
I'm sorry, I just can't express it any other way:
I've fallen in love with pomeranians and I need one in my life! ♥
Actually I've considered adopting a dog since I moved in with my boyfriend, but we were thinking about getting a bigger dog later, when we'll have enough money to buy a house and raise children (yes, my bf is that kind of guy you can have this kind of talk with, actually sometimes he's to one who starts it!). Our top pick for a big family dog would be a Golden Retriever. ♥
So with this plans in mind, I held my (secret) desire back to own a toy dog just for me to take around and become my best friend.
Instead we got Levi, our lazy-ass, but very cuddly and gentle cat and after one year we haven't regretted buying him since he's really become part of the family. When we left for Shanghai we gave him to another woman to take care of him, but she picked him up 2 days before our departure... how strange it was not having our beloved Levi at home. When I'd go to the toilet (and pass by his favourite sleeping place) I'd still meow to check if he'd meow back (what he usually does). T_T
Anyway, after having a fatal encounter with a cheapo teacup poodle puppy in a caramel-brown tone in China the long tucked desire popped right back into my mind and I fell head-over-heels for that cute puppy. (Of course I know that it's not good to buy a cheap puppy on the streets from a country with rabies danger and try to bring it back to Switzerland after a 3-weeks-trip. Actually It's completely insane and the puppy might even not survive the flight if it's too weak or turn out to be aggressive because it's been separated from its mother too early T_T)
I started checking other dog breeds and see if I could find a dog that'd fit into our lifestyle... means a dog that's small enough to be carried everywhere (of course it can also walk if it wants, I mean, it could be carried and btw that's important, because if your dog doesn't fit into a bag you have to pay extra when using public transport in Switzerland!!), a dog that's lively, loyal and smart. A dog that would be a good playing buddy for Levi (he's a great cat and will get used to any other pet - he even "tamed" an aggressive female cat we used to keep in our apartment!) and could be litter box-trained for when we're not around to take him to a walk.

My top favourites were Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pekingese and Pomeranians. But since I'm a very "aesthetic" person I wanted the dog to look cute not only as puppy but also as an adult! And the pomeranian breed simply becharmed me. ♥
So now I'm earnestly thinking of getting a female pomeranian puppy within the next months. I don't have any experience with dogs but I'm wholeheartedly willing to learn and make a perfect "mommy" for my future baby. ~ 
If you're wondering... my boyfriend 'approves'. =P
He doesn't share my enthusiasm but he is willing to support me and take part of the responsibility and I'm sure he'll love our cute little dog ~ 
So... you might see our new family member pretty soon . . . ♥
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Kao Liese Bubble Hair Color ~

Hello Dears ~ 

After quite a long blogging pause (no, I won't use the busy word ¬_¬'') I'm back and full of power!
Please ignore the unfinished design, I'm experimenting with new colors to make the blog look more autumn/winter-inspired...

Yesterday I finally got the new camera I'd been expecting, a brand new Nikon D5000 ~
Actually I didn't pay for it, it's some kind of early present for my birthday (November) from my beloved bf. He was tired of the old cam so he just got me a new one (after all he's the one who has to put up with them when taking all my outfit photos *pats his head*).

Today after school I decided that it was time to re-dye my hair, I've kept dyeing it with "auburn hair dyes" but the sun likes to brighten it up and it gradually becomes orange when directly exposed to the sun... ^_^''

Anyway, since my bf wasn't home today (and I normally need his help with 'normal' hair dyes) I decided to try out the Kao Liese Bubble Hair Dye which uses foam and is supposed to be as easy as applying shampoo. :)
The package I bought from ebay came with English description and it was very easy to follow.

I won't explain in detail how to use it (read here) but share a bit of the experience:

- Don't forget to apply some cream on the ears and forehead before starting to dye your hair (if you're messy don't forget to put a towel around your neck), the foam will reach everywhere and you won't have control over it >.<'

- The application is really easy, but be patient if the foam seems to disappear as soon as you apply it on the hair... it might take half of the bottle till the hair is fully soaked and the foam will stay foamy on the head =P

- my hair didn't feel damaged at all and was very smooth when rinsing, the leave-in hair conditioning was the perfect finish ~ 

- I tried the color Cassis Berry. It turned out a bit better than what I had expected.
To tell the truth, I didn't have great expectations since I'd seen from other (black-haired) bloggers that it only adds a slight reddish shade to your dark hair... but my hair was already quite bright so the coloring effect is more visible and turned out more or less the way I wanted. =) I'm satisfied! (and the application was much easier than palty hair dye which I'll review in about 1 month when I use it again)

the instruction paper was very cute and easy to follow ~ 

after applying the foam (it took me at least 15min ^^')

no, my hair isn't longer, the second photo was taken 1 1/2 hours later ^^'

...What do you think of the result? Do you have any experience with Japanese Hair Dyes? ^_^
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