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♕ Princess Coco ~

I'm proudly presenting:
Princess Coco, a lovely white Kleinspitz.
you can see how she'll look as an adult from the photo of her mum/dad(?) in the background!

She'll be our new family member as of October 23rd!
Actually I'm a bit confused how to call her breed in English, because as far as I know, only the smallest breed of the "Spitz"-family are called Pomeranians and Coco will be a tad bigger (~25cm) than the Pomeranian breed but she still keeps all of the typical Spitz-features.
I think the only thing that distiguishes Pomeranians from the other Spitz is the super small size (~22cm) and their flat ("baby") nose which has been bred intentionally to make Pomeranians look extra cute.
I'll just call her "Kleinspitz", that's the German expression, which literally means "small Spitz" (whereas the Pomeranians are called "Zwergspitz", "dwarf Spitz")
We bought her from a reputable breeder from Germany and we'll be picking her up in two weeks. I'm so excited! *^_^*

I'll post more photos of her when she arrives in her new kingdom, in the meantime we'll have to puppy-proof our home... (((p(>v<)q)))!!