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J-Magazines (January 2011) ~

Here are (exclusively for my beloved readers) some of the newest Japanese magazines.
Hope you enjoy reading and please comment if you download! ❤
I'll keep updating this page as long as there's some interesting January 2011 issues
- so make sure to check back often! ~ 

last update: jan 11th: Ageha

seventeenPopteenHappie Nuts
JellyScawaiiMen's Nonno
GlamorousGLB 38Egg

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Weekly Happiness # 6 ~

my birthday week and all the congratulations ♥
the launch of the new street light decoration @ the bahnhofstrasse ♥
first snow of the season ♥
the traffic increase due to the j-mags ♥
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Birthday and J-Magazines ~

❅ happy birthday to me, happy birthday to mee ~lalala ♫ ♪ ♬ ❅
Another year older ... I specially wanted to thank everyone who remembered my birthday! ~ ❤

Another great source of joy was the huge traffic rise my blog registered after uploading the december edition of Popteen - I knew that this magazine was popular and I hadn't seen any other scans of the newest issue on englishspeaking blog before posting it, but still... look at the statistics:

...and yay!!! laurita.ch has reached 100 followers! *tears of joy* thank you so much, I love all my readers and I hope to keep you interested and entertained for a long time! ^_^

So... since you like J-Magazines so much, here are five more: (click on the image to get to the download link)

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Popteen December 2010 ~

Another dear hobby of mine is browsing through tons of cute Asian fashion magazines,
this is the newest one (Popteen December 2010) and I thought I could share some of my favourite photos with you:
All photos are from the December issue of Popteen: ♥

download here
beware: file is around 170mb big!

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Weekly Happiness # 5 ~

...my birthday is approaching! (november 24th)
having my boyfriend pick me up from work and the joy of introducing him to my co-workers ♥
the iPhone 4 I got as an early birthday present from my bf (still waiting for a pink case and mirror sheet)
my christmas wish: a new 11'' MacBook Air
preparing the christmas gift for my bf: a special Advent Calendar with little surprises and coupons ♥
start the habit of "A Complaint Free World" - go check out their webpage: http://www.acomplaintfreeworld.org/

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Weekly Happiness # 4 ~

start watching "Playful Kiss", and even though knowing the plot by heart (after reading the Manga and watching the taiwanese version "It started with a kiss") still looking forward to the sweet scenes between the main cast. ♥
after deciding to take a break from watching the drama, turning around in my bed an having my own cute boyfriend lie sleeping next to me ♥
taking long strolls with Coco and seeing how she improves her little tricks and how she's getting compliments for being so cute ♥
cooking two completely new recipes and getting a yummy result! :D
finding out that there's actually a "Swiss Blogger Event" - I was too late to join in, but I'll keep an eye on them... =D
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