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Birthday and J-Magazines ~

❅ happy birthday to me, happy birthday to mee ~lalala ♫ ♪ ♬ ❅
Another year older ... I specially wanted to thank everyone who remembered my birthday! ~ ❤

Another great source of joy was the huge traffic rise my blog registered after uploading the december edition of Popteen - I knew that this magazine was popular and I hadn't seen any other scans of the newest issue on englishspeaking blog before posting it, but still... look at the statistics:

...and yay!!! laurita.ch has reached 100 followers! *tears of joy* thank you so much, I love all my readers and I hope to keep you interested and entertained for a long time! ^_^

So... since you like J-Magazines so much, here are five more: (click on the image to get to the download link)