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Happy ILD! ~

These are some of the outfits I've been wearing lately... I haven't had many opportunities to wear loli besides normal university days (and I haven't been attending university in the last days because I'd been sick) and I couldn't wear a puffy skirt during work time, so... I'm looking pretty casual these days ^^'
Christmas time is really exciting!
I love all the small gift shops that suddenly popped up like mushrooms in every corner of the main street in Zurich and that either sell cute handcrafted items or glogg (and that smells sooo yummy) and pastries. I love the smell of warm sweet chestnuts in the air, I love the beautiful light decorations in each shop and on the streets.
I enjoy creating one little calendar entry a day for my beloved fiancé and looking forward to Christmas. Unfortunately, my Japanese exams are on the 22nd and 24th of december so with every passing day I'm a bit nearer to the exams... *frowns*

But back to the topic: How did you spend International Loli Day?
(note: the word "l o l i t a" is banned, so please use "loli" or another term)