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My 2010 ~

I started actively wearing Loli fashion outdoors and posting to EGL and daily_loli

Started this blog, now having nearly 130 followers and 50 likers on FB– THANK YOU!

My father (second most important man in my life) remarried and emigrated to Brazil, leaving me kinda alone with my most important man in my life.

Learned how to cook Korean fook along with some basic Korean expressions.

I travelled through Turkey with my mother and brother and relaxed in Shanghai and Hongkong with my boyfriend. Spend our best date ever @ Disneyland Resort Hongkong.

Went to 2 Loli meetings and made lots of friends.

Started getting into Gyaru fashion, dyed my hair for the first time (and redyed it about 7x in 4 months ^^’), learned how to apply false eyelashes and pink blush.

Got a Nikon D5000, an iPhone 4 and a MacBook Air.

My boyfriend and I celebrated 2 years of relationship and 1 year of conhabitating in our apartment.

Started studying Japanology at University.

Got a toy spitz puppy. Both started working at Apple, learned lots and lots, got more confidence and made many friends.

I have 3 part-time jobs (ok, 2, one doesn’t count – but it still brings a bit of money).

Let my hair grow, dressed colorfully the whole year, became infatuated with positive psychology and starting my own happiness project ^^