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My 2011 ~

My 2011
  • took ~1000 photos of Coco watching her grow XD
  • learned some needle felting
  • 1 year Laurita! (and soon 2 years!!)
  • had many interesting sessions @ psychologist
  • went from 3 part-time jobs to none (back to full time student)
  • quit my first long-term job @ Apple (spent 1h saying goodbye and hugging everyone)
  • re-started going to classes regularly and even made some friends!
  • Radical Self Love bootcamp by Gala Darling
  • experienced my first narcosis (I was SO afraid!!!)
  • Setting several goals and achieving many of them!
"After 3 years" list / since 2008
  • met up with Nina, Siao and Lina (& her boyfriend
  • visited Beijng and Seoul (this time with laogong)
Looking at this short list, 2011 seems like an uneventful year. But I grew a lot this year!
I got scolded and praised by customers @ Apple and made meaningful experiences, I made lots of new acquaintances and friends.
I got much more sensible about homosexual topics (and also other important social topics/changes around me) and think I'm maturing bit by bit.
Read SO many self-development books that influenced me in my self- and world view.
I revisited places I hadn't been to since 2008, noticing how much everything has changed but the memories keep being fresh when you meet old friends again. I
'm specially grateful to laogong, my family and my dearest friends.
And of course also to you, my beloved readers! 

2012: looking forward to
  • my personal 'Happiness Project' (shhh... it's a secret)
  • Byebye Bunny Year, welcome Dragon Year!
  • Paris with laogong
  • 2 years LAURITA (and keep on growing with you all!)
  • Japanese Classes (and getting one year nearer to graduation in 2013 ^^')
  • visiting my father /relatives in South America (hopefully being able to see Rio de Janeiro)
  • many refreshing new events I don't even know about! ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪ランラン
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Merry Christmas! ~

We went last-minute grocery shopping (together with like 10'000 other people) and got some food for around Christmas time. || \( ̄▽ ̄;)/ ||| We'll spend this evening with laogong's family in a restaurant and tomorrow evening we'll celebrate with another dinner at my mother's place... so this is our Christmas package and that's why we didn't even bother decorating a Christmas tree.
(I did bake some chocolate cookies though but they turned out totally disformed that's why I didn't post any photo - but they are still yummy - and I completed another goal of my 12 before 2012 goals list)
 Today was also the last day of my pink challenge and I'll post all outfits the day after tomorrow! \((=゚▽゚)/

I guess for many people Christmas is either spent going clubbing / having fun with friends or spending time with the family. But I don't feel the Christmas vibe in neither of our families so at least I hope to be able to create a festive Christmas spirit when we have our own family.

Hope you are enjoying the festive season! 
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Winter vacation ~

Exams are finally over and now I'm on winter vacation until Mid-February. laogong still has exams in January so he'll spend most of the time preparing for the exams.
Luckily I don't have any exams but since I'll be retaking Japanese classes (I last took JP classes in April/May 2010 and have forgotten everything) I have to review my old Japanese worksheets and get a feeling for the language again ^^'
And I have to relearn the Kanji... can you believe I passed the first term exam without knowing Katakana?? I think this writing system hates me, I simply can't seem to be able to memorize it T_T

Anyway, what have I been up to? (Besides writing exams and the pink challenge (I'll post all 6 outfits together)). My agenda for 2012 arrived some days ago (together with loads of stickers) and I started decorating it, it's so much fun!


Ah, I also watched this two movies: The Help and The Women on the 6th floor. Both movies are very interesting and depicting an unusual perspective, both take place in the 60s, one in the USA the other in France. One portraits the hardships of African-American maids the other the hard life of Spanish women that fled the civil war and work as maids in French households.

How are you spending your time before Christmas?

- - -
The Swiss way of Freshness ;)
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Snowy Zurich ~

Yesterday it started snowing again and today was the first snowy day in Zurich! Yesterday while studying for an exam and watching the falling snow outside I suddenly felt like dressing up in pink. 

So all by myself I started the pink challenge

I plan to wear pink outfits the whole week, Monday through Friday.
 It's a challenge because wearing pink is very eye-catching and I haven't worn pink outfits in a long time. 

Besides I'm better equipped with pink (light) summerwear than warm outerwear and I don't want to be cold with my experimental outfits so I'll have to layer and use any pink accent I can find... because the pink theme has to be clearly visible (eg. only a pink purse doesn't count)

The idea is to wear pink both inside and outside (meaning the pink accents have to be visible in my outerwear too) and mixing different styles, not just wearing the same pink coat or dress the whole week. 

I already came up with ~3 different outfits and I'll be presenting them this week... hope to keep you a bit entertained till Christmas!
I still have 2 exams to go...  |||||/( ̄ロ ̄;)\||||||| まじ〜〜?
So... this was my first outfit today! 
Pink: pullover, tights, scarf, bag and umbrella.

As I was walking to my university and stopped to take the photo right below ↓  a photographer stopped me and asked me to pose with the pink umbrella for some anonymous photos  (taken from behind) of me enjoying the snow-covered scenery. He told me the photo might possibly turn up in some newspaper. 
As It turned out that guy works for Keystone, Switzerland biggest (stock) photo agency.  ƪ(˘˘)''ʃ 


but enough snow photos!
I know you are all waiting for the announcement of the winner of the Choo Choo Giveaway.
So here you are:

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and gave me great concrit, I copied the concrit of each of you to a separate document and printed it out. 
I already have some new ideas for the blog's direction in 2012 and I also will keep in mind all your ideas! Really appreciate all your support! (^人^)感謝♪彡 
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Happy 4th Advent! ~

Less than 1 week till Christmas! I thought I might share some christmassy scenery with you... unfortunately we're still waiting for the snow (it started snowing yesterday but nearly melted away by now ~ but I won't give up and hope to celebrate white Christmas) but soon after Halloween Christmas deco has been popping up everywhere so I took some nice pictures of Zurich main street (it's the shopping street in Zurich with lots of department stores and high-end boutiques and stuff... and my former working place /y'know the apple store is also located here).

If you walk through the entrance to Zurich Main Station you'll find the Christkindlimarkt where you can find lots of cute goodies that make wonderful and unique presents. Unfortunately the Main Station Hall is always packed with people so if you don't like the hustle-bustle atmosphere better keep away ^^'
In the middle of the Christkindlimarkt you'll see a huge heavily decorated Christmas Tree - it's the Swarovski (Crystal) Christmas Tree tradition that started in 1998.
The tree is decorated with Swarovski crystal elements and stunning! Beneath the tree you can see exquisite Swarovski collections so the tree is good enclosed.

The Märlitram (fairy tale tram) is so adorable it's worth a separate mention!
I remember riding it once when I was a child. The driver is Santa in person and there are two stunning angels keeping us entertained with a drink and fairytales. The tour lasts around 30 minutes.
It's a dream come true available only for 4-10 year old. 

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Happy 4th Advent!
btw today is the last day to enter the Choo Choo Giveaway!

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Puss in Boots ~

I'd wanted to go watch Puss in Boots ever since I heard about this upcoming movie. ^^ So today we enjoyed the movie in 3D.

Accidentally the places we'd reserved were deluxe places, means... in a pretty special, smaller room of the cinema with only 20 huge sitting places (I didn't know there really existed this kind of cinema room, the first time I'd seen these rooms was in some Kdrama...seriously!) , food was also inclusive and we stuffed popcorn till we exploded XD''

The movie was funny, I loved the Spanish accents and the derpy-looking gosling... XD

I hadn't worn Lolita since the last photo shoot so I took the opportunity to wear some cute Angelic Pretty Bears out. The Chipmunk photo session has no relation with the movie at all, I just love posing with the newest figures that are arranged in the cinema... enjoy the photos! =D

btw... don't forget to join the Choo Choo giveaway!
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Choo Choo Giveaway ~

...I told you there'd be a great giveaway soon! 

Hello Cuties! I'm proud to announce my last giveaway this year - the CHOO CHOO giveaway!

First of all, enjoy the cute graphics I arranged. Can you imagine starting 2012 with this cute small agenda? If yes, join, join, join! 

You'll have to choose between one of the three (you can also add your 2nd favorite),
their names are Pink Leopard, Heaven and Ruby. The inside is completely identical.

Hope the cuteness overkill didn't distract you too much from your goal - get one of 'em! XD

The giveaway is international, anyone who follows the rules below can participate! 
The 3 lucky winners will be announced on the 19th - the agenda won't be shipped by Christmas but hopefully for New Years!  

so... don't forget to choose 1 of the 3! (and add your 2nd priority if you want)
btw... feel free to take any graphic from this post for your own promotion ^^
You can choose: either blog about this giveaway or make a post on your Facebook, doing both won't increase your chance of winning  (^^') but of course I'd be grateful =D
The constructive criticism-part is important, if you are new to my blog take your time to have a look around before commenting, the giveaway will be open until Sunday, december 18th!

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Lolita Photo Day ~

Three sundays ago I had my very first photo shoot in a studio. Well, it was no my photo shoot but a Lolita meet up in a studio. We'd arranged to meet at Aarau station but I'd hoped to meet some other Lolitas at Zurich mainstation and take the train with them. Unfortunately I couldn't contact any Lolitas from the Zurich area in time so I travelled alone. It was my first time to wear Starry Night Theatre outside and being my flashiest dress I felt like a confused circus artist... haha.

Lolita meetups always have a pretty awkward start, I dunno why | ̄ω ̄A;アセアセ . First you spot the group of fancy looking people, approach them and say "hi" and then you start recognizing some half-familiar faces (seriously, some Lolitas look different every time... it's like a transformation ♪⌒ヽ(*゚O゚)ノ スゴイッ!!! ) and start some casual conversation about their look (this is a really interesting phenomenon that I realized ever since we meet the German Lolitas ~ there seem to be many more brandwhores among them), many of our local lolitas wear either Bodyline or self-sewn creations.
Sometimes I feel awkward because I can't sew (or I haven't learned yet - let's see what the future holds for me) and wear many brand pieces. I guess in other communities you feel awkward if you don't wear brand pieces.... oh well... (*´Д`)=3ハァ・・・ After the first few conversations the group starts breaking the ice and in the end everyone seems to get along pretty well. Interest-groups are formed and we all have lots of fun.
Anyway, we walked to the studio, met the photographers and started taking pictures!
All photos below are ©Amon Adamantos and the last two were digitally retouched by Kandee Gore

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J-Magazines (January 2012) ~

Here are (exclusively for my beloved readers) some of the newest Japanese magazines,
this is part 1 of my monthly series, featuring all JANUARY issues ^_^

Hope you enjoy reading and please comment if you download! ❤ ❤
I'll keep updating this page as long as there's some interesting January 2012 issues ~
- so make sure to check back often! ~

❤ last update: december 26th: Seventeen, Scawaii, Steady

Vivi Kera Nonno Zipper
Jelly Popteen Seventeen Scawaii

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K-Magazines ~

After big demand I finally made a K-Magazine page!
Since there aren't many Kmags available yet I'll keep all issues here, if this area happens to expand further I'll change the system and let you know!
Hope you enjoy reading and please comment if you download! ❤ ❤
I'll keep updating this page with more Kmags!
- so make sure to check back often! ~

last update: december 2nd: Ceci 11-7 , Ceci 11-9, Ceci 11-11


Ceci June Ceci July Ceci August Ceci September Ceci October Ceci November


Ceci June

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