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J-Magazines (March 2011) ~

Here are (exclusively for my beloved readers) some of the newest Japanese magazines,
this is part 3 of my monthly series, featuring all March issues ^_~
Hope you enjoy reading and please comment if you download! ❤ ❤
I'll keep updating this page as long as there's some interesting March 2011 issues
- so make sure to check back often! ~ 

last update: mar 7th: Jelly


Please give me feedback, are you happy with the hosting service?
Is mediafire and zshare ok?
Or do you know another better service?
You're also free to reupload the files as long as you keep the url link I've added in the download packs - thank you ^_^

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Mint Ponybrown Agenda ~

The Ponybrown agendas finally reached me last week
(I was already dreading they'd be late for the end of the giveaway)
After pondering a while I chose to keep the mint simply because I love the color and I love how the girl is dressed up as a rabbit. ^^

(placeholder for an introduction to the mint agenda and my deco - anyway I'm at work till 9pm but I promised to draw the winners today so here's my unfinished post: ^^')

Now on to the lucky winners of the agenda giveaway! ~

awww, it was so hard to decide between you guys... I had to draw randomly but it was really nerve-racking TT_TT
I wish I had enough agendas for all of you, you all deserved winning them >_<'

Please contact me (if you haven't already gotten my email) and give me your home address.
I'll be sending out the agendas in the next few days!

By the way if you happen to decorate them like me make sure to take some photos and show me how you're using them, I love decorated (used) agendas! (and I'll most likely post your photos here)
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Drift Bottle iPhone App ~

I recently downloaded an App for my iPhone called "Drift Bottle".
Actually this app is pretty simple. You just write a message and "throw" it in the sea and some random people all over the world will be able to pick up your message in a bottle and reply to it. Of course you too receive any random messages from other people who have that App.
The messages are completely anonymous, you can choose if you want to leave a signature but otherwise the other person will only see what country the message came from and that's all.

Now the question is: How would you use this App?
Would you use it to vent your anger by spreading a hate message all over the world?
Would you keep some kind of diary that you would share with everyone (who is willing to read it)?
Would you use it to make publicity for your homepage/blog/whatever project to random people?
...or is this whole drift bottle messaging thing a waste of time?

they all got my message and look how different the answers are :D

I've decided to use it for two purposes:
One is to spread nice messages and share moments of joy with complete strangers and the other one is to make casual language partners. I've been sending at least 2-3 "have a nice day" or "take care" messages and gotten really cute answers.
Many of the users are Japanese so I started sending messages in Japanese. I hope to be able to practice and keep my modest Japanese skill till Japanese lessons start again =P

Has any one of you an iPhone and tried this App? What do you think of it? ^_^
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Third Giveaway ~

2011 just started, did you compile your own list of resolutions?
Do they include taking more care of yourself, losing weight, being more sociable and better organised? Ha! I guessed it! =P
I can at least contribute to your last resolution by offering you the opportunity to win a super cute agenda!

I'm giving away 4 different agendas, so there's plenty of chance for you to be the lucky winner!

All the agendas are empty, means you have to fill in the dates and months by yourself!
...you can start the agenda at any month and keep it for a year or if you already have an agenda for 2011 you can save it for 2012 - your choice!

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The YUMETENBO guide ~

This article is outdated, I'll replace it soon with an updated version 
but for now I added it nevertheless for the sake of completeness :D
Every Gal must have heard of this wonder site and seen other bloggers drooling over the super cute items that are listed there, envying them because they either have the connections or the know-how to buy products from a non-translated popular Japanese site. Well, here I'm providing you with the basic know-how you'll need to finally order your dream items, too! ♥
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Happy 2011 ~

I celebrated the last day of the year like the last time, without making too much of a fuss about it.
This year my brother agreed to join us and so the two guys spend the last evening playing videogames (because as of today, laogong has to officially put the PS3 away and start studying for his term exams) and I spent it relaxing and recovering from my cold. >.<'
We prepared a nice Chinese hotpot, exactly like the last year and enjoyed our time together.

my brother and laogong
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My 2010 ~

I started actively wearing Loli fashion outdoors and posting to EGL and daily_loli

Started this blog, now having nearly 130 followers and 50 likers on FB– THANK YOU!

My father (second most important man in my life) remarried and emigrated to Brazil, leaving me kinda alone with my most important man in my life.

Learned how to cook Korean fook along with some basic Korean expressions.

I travelled through Turkey with my mother and brother and relaxed in Shanghai and Hongkong with my boyfriend. Spend our best date ever @ Disneyland Resort Hongkong.

Went to 2 Loli meetings and made lots of friends.

Started getting into Gyaru fashion, dyed my hair for the first time (and redyed it about 7x in 4 months ^^’), learned how to apply false eyelashes and pink blush.

Got a Nikon D5000, an iPhone 4 and a MacBook Air.

My boyfriend and I celebrated 2 years of relationship and 1 year of conhabitating in our apartment.

Started studying Japanology at University.

Got a toy spitz puppy. Both started working at Apple, learned lots and lots, got more confidence and made many friends.

I have 3 part-time jobs (ok, 2, one doesn’t count – but it still brings a bit of money).

Let my hair grow, dressed colorfully the whole year, became infatuated with positive psychology and starting my own happiness project ^^
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