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Drift Bottle iPhone App ~

I recently downloaded an App for my iPhone called "Drift Bottle".
Actually this app is pretty simple. You just write a message and "throw" it in the sea and some random people all over the world will be able to pick up your message in a bottle and reply to it. Of course you too receive any random messages from other people who have that App.
The messages are completely anonymous, you can choose if you want to leave a signature but otherwise the other person will only see what country the message came from and that's all.

Now the question is: How would you use this App?
Would you use it to vent your anger by spreading a hate message all over the world?
Would you keep some kind of diary that you would share with everyone (who is willing to read it)?
Would you use it to make publicity for your homepage/blog/whatever project to random people?
...or is this whole drift bottle messaging thing a waste of time?

they all got my message and look how different the answers are :D

I've decided to use it for two purposes:
One is to spread nice messages and share moments of joy with complete strangers and the other one is to make casual language partners. I've been sending at least 2-3 "have a nice day" or "take care" messages and gotten really cute answers.
Many of the users are Japanese so I started sending messages in Japanese. I hope to be able to practice and keep my modest Japanese skill till Japanese lessons start again =P

Has any one of you an iPhone and tried this App? What do you think of it? ^_^