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Happy 2011 ~

I celebrated the last day of the year like the last time, without making too much of a fuss about it.
This year my brother agreed to join us and so the two guys spend the last evening playing videogames (because as of today, laogong has to officially put the PS3 away and start studying for his term exams) and I spent it relaxing and recovering from my cold. >.<'
We prepared a nice Chinese hotpot, exactly like the last year and enjoyed our time together.

my brother and laogong

do you like the wall stickers in the background? I'm planning to buy more... ♡

hungry and waiting for the photo session to finish XD

don't the hotpot ingredients look yummy?

laogong also bought a cake... *yumyum*

my brother and I being... silly. ^^'

My New Year's Resolutions include blogging more often, being more healthy, dress colorfully, finding more happiness and many other things... but I'd rather not blog about them but put more effort to keep them! XD

What are your resolutions for 2011? Feel free to submit the link to your page with your resolutions. ~