Published 1/19/2011 by

Mint Ponybrown Agenda ~

The Ponybrown agendas finally reached me last week
(I was already dreading they'd be late for the end of the giveaway)
After pondering a while I chose to keep the mint simply because I love the color and I love how the girl is dressed up as a rabbit. ^^

(placeholder for an introduction to the mint agenda and my deco - anyway I'm at work till 9pm but I promised to draw the winners today so here's my unfinished post: ^^')

Now on to the lucky winners of the agenda giveaway! ~

awww, it was so hard to decide between you guys... I had to draw randomly but it was really nerve-racking TT_TT
I wish I had enough agendas for all of you, you all deserved winning them >_<'

Please contact me (if you haven't already gotten my email) and give me your home address.
I'll be sending out the agendas in the next few days!

By the way if you happen to decorate them like me make sure to take some photos and show me how you're using them, I love decorated (used) agendas! (and I'll most likely post your photos here)