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The YUMETENBO guide ~

This article is outdated, I'll replace it soon with an updated version 
but for now I added it nevertheless for the sake of completeness :D
Every Gal must have heard of this wonder site and seen other bloggers drooling over the super cute items that are listed there, envying them because they either have the connections or the know-how to buy products from a non-translated popular Japanese site. Well, here I'm providing you with the basic know-how you'll need to finally order your dream items, too! ♥
First of all, Yumetembo is just one of many, many stores that all are accessible through the RAKUTEN shopping site, to be able to order anything you'll need to register a rakuten account first! Here's my older guide on how to register a rakuten account
 Remember that you need a Credit Card to be able to order! If you have a rakuten account and a credit card linked you can start exploring all the wonderful stores on rakuten! ^_^ Now, open the main page of Yumetenbo: http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/dreamv/ 
 Take a break. 
Enjoy the nice colors and the feelings of excitement. This shop is pure love!! 
 As you can see, the clothes are already divided in different section (and they're even specified in English!) but as soon as you browse through the links you'll see that all the subcategories are still in Japanese... >.<' 
But don't worry, as long as you don't have a very special item in mind you can find most of the items you like by just browsing the pictures! :D 
 Look at the main selection in the middle. Yumetenbo actually consists of different sub-stores for different shoppers but recently they put all the sub-stores together to make the navigation earlier!
 Do you see all the different colors? Each one represents another section.
The hot pink one is the "princess-style" one, you'll love it if you like Hime Gyaru and Sweet Gyaru!
The violet one is called "glamorous". There's many sexy outfits in here, perfect for Agejo Style!
The khaki one is a bit more classical, thus simply called "pretty". It also has cute clothes for Mori or Sporty Gyaru!
The light pink one has very, very cute items, but not as "over the top" as the first section. Perfect for any girly Style!
The mint one ... is pretty self explanatory. =P Cute to browse for "awwws" or for Gyaru Mamas!

 So... let's press the princess icon to get to the sub-store: You'll see that the logo has changed and the colors of the other sub-stores if you want to change.  
 Check out the "New Item", "Rearrival", Sold out soon links. 
If you don't know what items you like yet I'd recommend clicking the "Rearrival", because that's the page where popular items that have previously been sold out are listed when they are available again! 
Popular items = good stuff! ^_~ 
If you don't want to feel bad, don't press the "Sold out soon" button: You'll either see what items you missed because the only available color is the ugliest one or you'll see that your size has already sold out! >.<' 
What else is on the page? There's a cool header that changes picture every now and then: Those are the special categories of that sub-store. (example: In the photo that I posted of the 3rd "Pretty" store you can see the header with the newest boot collection) Often there's also a publicity for some collaborations of Yumetenbo with Gyaru magazines. If a special collection was featured in the newest Popteen there will surely be a header to the full outfits of the Gyaru models and links to each and every clothing piece. Now browse to the second sub-store called "Glamorous"

The third sub-store "Pretty"
 The yourth sub-store "Girly"
The last sub-store, full of cute children clothing, it even has matching outfits for both Gyaru Mamas and their children!

 It's not very hard to navigate the pages, just click on the thumbnails that you like ^^ 
You'll see the item in different colors and sizes and if you scroll down you can choose the color (mostly written in Japanese but you can also see the photos and compare the Text on the photo with the panel) and the size and press the button to the right! (The one below is for inquiries about the product) 

 If you prefer the easy (English) way and are willing to browse the less appealing and also less organized English page, there you are: http://search.borderless.rakuten.com/borderless/search.action?l=en&sid=dreamv 

The items are the same and you'll actually be able to read the item's description ;P 
Anyway, have fun shopping! 
  This Article is unfinished. I'll keep updating it - so if you have additional questions, feel free to leave a comment! 
I'll also try to translate part of the navigation so you know exactly what link you have to press to get to the products you're looking for!