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1 year LAURITA.CH ~

Exactly one year ago I wrote my first post on Laurita!
At that time it was still called "lacosta lifestyle" and I wasn't really sure what to write about. My baby has grown into a (still) small but well frequented lifestyle blog with Asian fashion as main topic. That's actually not everything I planned - "Laurita" should mainly be my diary, where I keep memories of what I do, not just a fashion blog... so I hope to make more time to track down my daily life ^_^

Thanks for the congratulation, Miho-chan, you made my day! *hug*

Some weeks ago we got our newest addition of APPLE computer family - our beloved 27'' iMac... I downloaded the Corel Painter 11 Test Version (I already ordered the student's version but it takes 2 weeks to arrive) and have SO MUCH fun drawing! I think I really missed spending hours concentrated on actually creating beautiful pictures - it's so inspiring, relaxing yet exciting! ^_^