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Popteen Reader of the month ~

I recently posted this announce on Livejournal's jmagazinescans community, leaving you all kind of puzzled.

This is a new project of mine, let me introduce it to you!
So many of us enjoy reading Japanese magazines but don't have the opportunity to buy them. That's why the Chinese scanlation sites are very popular and scans are circulating all over the internet. This has lead to a small community of Jmag Fans who actually enjoy very specific magazines and are (style-wise) heavily influenced by them but who don't even know each other!
"Reader of the month" will be a page featuring one POPTEEN fan every month, making her a bit famous (;P) and giving her the opportunity to add her two cents about the mag and how it's influenced her style. The page will be integrated in the original magazine scan of POPTEEN, available on this page! =P
I think everyone will benefit from this project and it will also "upgrade" the scans to something more than just a cheap replacement of the original magazine, because it will add a bit of a community feeling, make each "Reader of the month" known to a broad readership and will allow the readers to contact the featured person.
If this project is successful I'll extend it to some other popular magazines like SCAWAII, VIVI, KERA and RANZUKI! ^_^

To give you an idea how this whole "Reader of the month" project will look like, I add myself as the first "Reader of the month" for the February issue!
Check it out and tell me if you like the concept or have some criticism, I'd love to hear your opinion - it's a community project, after all!
There are also some people who signed up for the March edition, please send me some outfit shots and a profile photo (high resolution) - as you see the file is quite big and you don't want your photo to be blurred, do you? =P

This is the February Popteen with the featured ROTM:

download here