Published 3/06/2011 by

Big E-Shopping Haul ~

I just indulged myself in a big online shopping spree ^_^
The last time I ordered from Yumetenbo was like... in early summer of last year!
I felt like I needed to fresh up my wardrobe and get some cute items for spring. I'm impatiently waiting for the weather to get warmer, I'm just sick of winter! I've been getting colds every 3 weeks (right now I'm already blowing my nose and shivering >_<' ) and our apartment is really cold, despite the heater and closed windows...
anyway, I also bought some new cases for my iPhone, I need a case that doesn't cover the front part of my phone (it's more useful for my workplace).

First picture: Look at all these beautiful colors!! >.<' I wished I could buy every single one of them! This time I chose the violet one ~ 
The second bag (pink with bow) is special: I already own one, but since it looks like it's gonna break soon I'm already buying a second one. I love this bag!!
I also got pink boots and a matching pink trench coat! ❤

Which items do you currently like best? ^_^