Published 3/07/2011 by

Some recent sketches ~

The educational version of Corel Painter 11 finally arrived two weeks ago and I started spending hours painting randomly on the computer (which is really fun and relaxing to do at the 27'' imac *so in love*).
Here are some of my random sketches. Actually I should practice perspectives and anatomy but the relaxing part is drawing cute girl's faces ;P
I started to learn how to blend a picture by using the clone source and it's lots of fun! It gives the vibe of an oil painting (not that I've ever done that in real life though...) but feels much more "real" than just using the airbrush function. It's fun to see how the color start mixing and how you can create different shades... I really should draw much more! >_<''

Do you draw? Or what relaxing hobbies do you have? :D