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Spring Colors ~

Dear friends ~

How have you all been? I was pretty shocked about the bad news from Asia and mainly Japan. But I don't intend to elaborate how I felt and how sad the whole matter is. Unfortunately I have encountered several people (online) that joke about these happenings and I find it really disrespectful (whether you are specially interested in Japan or against) to laugh at other people's misfortunes. I'll give you just one hint: Think carefully before you publish a cynical remark about people's deaths. It just shows how immature you are and won't change other people's opinion about the matter.
To all others: Whether you are able to directly help or donate or not, compassion is all that matters now. But don't use it as an excuse to keep away from your 'normal' everyday life. We have to carry on and do our best, keeping a positive and kind attitude! ☆

btw... I want to thank you for 200 readers! Thanks! My blog is 1 year and 1 month old (as of yesterday) and I'm happy to have so many supportive readers/friends! ^_^ You give me the strenght to carry on with this project!

I just changed this blog's color scheme, do you like it? Spring is soon approaching and I'm craving some rays of sunshine! >.<'
At least I started to naturally wake up as the sun shines through the window and that's a good sign and let's me start the day with excitement!

My order from Yumetenbo arrived today! *yay* I already wore some of the items out! Will upload a big review soon! ~