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Happy Easter ~

This is a cute chocolate bunny I bought for laogong a while ago.
While I was at work I did a small photoshoot.
Unfortunately there's no happy end - the bunny is already in laogong's tummy... xP

Anyway, I've been sick the most part of this and last week so I'm not in the mood for blogging...
and I really should stop stuffing chocolate like mad but can't help it, look at our yummy Easter haul =P
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Published 4/13/2011 by

Blog Crash ~

Thank you dear readers for all the support during the blog crash.
I was able to repair it, but now I'm really considering changing host...
We'll see what the future brings...

Anyway, the crash reminded me of how much I love this blog.
Even though I didn't update much I was happy to know it was here. (ok, now that sounds cheesy xD'')

Dear blog
I'll treat you better from now on.

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