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Badaling Great Wall ~

August 30th, Tuesday

My bf had prepared an alarm for 8.30am so when it rang I was still totally tired… we prepared and left the hotel towards 9.15am and tried to get a cab while the hotel personal was laughing at us XD
We drove to Jishuitan and waited at the 919 station. (Remember the last time we did?) We queued up with some other puzzled tourists and the "security guards" kept telling us that the bus would arrive soon but if we paid "a bit extra" we could get a special car for 4 people for around 400-600rmb together.

Don't !!! trust this sign, the bus 919 doesn't drive to the Great Wall, it's bus 877

The lucky ones who got on the bus (after 2 attempts) and n00bies that are still waiting at the 919 stop

After 30min of waiting and not seeing any 919 bus that showed the direction of Badaling we went to a kiosk and bought magazines and then looked around. I discovered a bus number 877 whose destination was "badaling", so we followed it and found the "real" bus station for badaling and it was like…12rmb per person… >_<' so lucky we didn't get kidded… I guess the whole security guard thing are organised to let us wait at that place till we get sick of waiting and take a "private" car… last time we went to Jishuitan was around 11.50am and they told us we'd missed the bus but there 877 badaling busses till 12.30…. grrrR!! even the lady who sold tickets and recharched ICcards didn't give us any info… we feel soo played here in Beijing!! (_ ̄■ ̄_) 

our bus and the view... finally seeing the Great Wall!

Yay, we've arrived!

Anyway, we took the 877 badaling bus which took around 70min and then arrived at there. We bought some Yangrouchuan and Chadan and tickets for the so-called gliding car to the wall. First we walked up another path till we met our bus tour guide who told us we'd taken the wrong way XD
...so we walked back and took that gliding car .

jumping happily

This is... the gliding car... you just sit in it like in a soapbox and let it glide you up to the Great Wall

When we arrived it was really hot and we were really tired so we took a stroll,  took many photos, let some random chinese pple take photos with me and then took the gliding car back and queued up for a back-to-beijing 877 bus.

The beautiful view

"I climbed the Great Wall!" (well, it's like my... 4th time? ^^')

老婆 & 老公 @ Great Wall

enough camwhoring / btw the people there are queuing up to take a photo at the edge - the signs on the rock say "True man"
There's a saying "Unless you have climbed on the Great Wall you aren't a true man" so everyone has to prove that they did it!

From Jishuitan we took a cab till Wangfujing and tried to find a school bag for laogong but didn't find any, then we spontaneously decided to have Beijing Duck (kaoya) for dinner so we went to the famous restaurant Quanjude (which originated in 1864) and spent a LOT of money there… but we had a nice last meal in Beijing and went home really really full XD Actually we were pretty lucky to arrive there at around 4-5pm, before 'official' dinner time, because last time we tried to go to that restaurant (a few days before at around 8pm) it was STUFFED and you had to queue up to take the elevator to the restaurant and take a seat (there were at least 40 of them - waiting for a table to get free! ^0^ (that's how popular that restaurant is)

waiting impatiently for the food... look at these CUTE chopstick holder!

the luxurious restaurant // cook slicing the duck for us ^^


The entrance