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Beihai Park ~

August 28th, Sunday

We slept in today and then took the metro to Jishuitan, our plan was to go take a bus to the Great Wall. When we arrived at the station there were some men who told us that we'd already missed the "fast-bus" and should either take the "slow-bus" (which takes 3+hours) or a private car and they offered several 'private' services which we all declined because they sounded shady.

We walked to the end of the street to find the "real" station of the bus 919 and talk to the security guards over there. In the end we really had come too late for the bus and decided to postbone the "Great Wall experience" to another day and just chill out.

standing at the bus station and waiting for a bus that wasn't even sure if it would come ( ̄へ ̄)

Since we were already in the area, we took a cab to the Beihai Park (I had wanted to show laogong this park even though he wasn't much convinced first - he finds parks boring ^^').
First we got some iced water bottles nearby and then bought tickets for both The Circular Wall (Tuancheng) and Beihai Park. The Circular Wall wasn't that spectacular to me since I didn't really know what the meaning was but nevertheless we took some nice pictures.

Like Beihai Park, the Circular Wall (Tuancheng) was part of the imperial gardens under the Liao and Jin dynasties when the land was a small island in Taiye Lake. The Jin rulers built a small hall and planted pine trees, one of which is still growing today. The Ming rulers constructed the Circular Wall around the perimeter of the island. In 1669 during the reign of Emperor Kangxi, the Hall of Received Light collapsed and was rebuilt the following year. Qianlong also carried out major reconstruction in 1764. The buildings and layout of today' s Circular Wall date from that period.

Then we entered the Beihai Park. It was pretty stuffed since it was a sunday.(ー○ー)=3 ハァ 
Our plan was to buy any food (laogong was starving *hehe*) and just find a park bank to sit comfortably. So when we found a nice small restaurant we ordered our food take-away and started our quest for a nice place in she shadows with lake-view. Unfortunately too many other Chinese had the same idea and we couldn't find any free places. Laogong had the splendid idea of renting a boat to picknick in the middle of the lake. After the picknick we walked up to the White Pagoda and enjoyed the wonderful scenery in the Park.

Beihai Park, situated in the center 
of Beijing, was the pleasure palace of Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing emperors. In the middle of the 11th century, it was known as the "Jade Islet Palace" where the Liao Dynasty rulers resided while visiting the suburbs of their capital, Yanjing. In the Jin Dynasty, it was converted into an imperial villa, at which time Beihai (North Lake) and Qionghua (Jade) Islet (the present site of the Whiter Dagoba) were incorporated into the grounds. (...)
During the Ming and Qing dynasties, Beihai continued to be used as an imperial pleasure garden. Several large-scale construction projects were undertaken to improve the park' s facilities. In 1651, under Emperor Shunzhi, the White Dagoba Temple was built on the site of the Palace of the Moon, and the island was renamed White Dagoba Hill. The White Daboba is the aesthetic high point of Beihai Park. (...)
Beihai has changed very little since Qianlong' s time. It was formally opened as a public park in 1925. 

We went back to the hotel and were really tired so we decided to order Pizza Hut delivery for dinner. Unfortunately we only called at around 9.30pm and most delivery hotlines are only working till 10pm so we were quite in a hurry. First, we didn't have the permission to call out first and we had to ask the hotel. Then we called but the woman couldn't locate our hotel or didn't understand the pronounciation of my laogong… whatever.
Anyway, then our order went thru and she told us that they'd take 1 hour to deliver (10.20pm). We chilled and watched tv. After it'd gotten 11pm I was wondering what had happened to the delivery?
So we called the lobby and they said that the delivery person didn't know our room number and had left… grrrr… my bf had even told them on the telephone… anyway… we tried to call Pizza Hut and KFC again but the hotline was already closed (even though they offer 24h delivery service the hotline isn't always open… what's with that?) … and we could still online through the homepage but the homepage didn't accept our email addres… wtf?? anyway, we went to bed hungry and disappointed.
(edit:  Around 1am our email was FINALLY accepted and we actually received our order...)