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The Bird's Nest Stadium ~

August 27th, Saturday

Today we woke up very late again. First thing we did was take a cab (we're getting lazier each day -.-) to the niaowo (The Bird's Nest Stadium) and the Olympics Center. There we visited the Bird's Nest and took many photos inside and in the Olympic Area.
The Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium
The woman is showing the girls how to pose for the photography... ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!
look at the different colors of the seats

Even though I'd lived in Beijing for 1 year I had never been in this area and I even kinda witnessed a part of the realization of the Olympic area... I left Beijing 1 month before the Olympic Games started... but I still remember watching the show live from our small house in Switzerland and crying, because I was feeling so emotional and proud. 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。☆

we walked up to the top seats and enjoyed the beautiful view

look at this view !! (*o*;)☆ウキャーッ

the official olympic mascots:
Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, Nini // together: Beijing huanying ni = Beijing welcomes you

Of course we'd forgotten to eat breakfast again (# ̄ー ̄#)ニヤ
…So we took another cab to xidan where my bf first bought two jackets and a school bag for himself and afterwards we had breakfast in one of the malls, at Yoshinoya (Japanese Restaurant).
I discovered a very nice mall full of clothing stores and hair accessories and took a loooong time to go through the different floors. The problem was, that the fuwuyuan seem to be playing with us. I clearly know how much the items are worth (not much anyway) and they always give horrendous prices. I know buying in that kind of stores is all about bargaining but still, if they start with a price 10x the normal price it's pretty depressing and I know I'll be ripped off since I'm just a laowai anyways -.- When we got out of the mall it was already late and dark outside.

tons of hair accessories... Σ(●゚д゚●)
colored eye lenses... blingbling cases... you get the idea! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ わはは
the whole floor was full of these kind of stores... heaven, can you imagine? ☆彡

Since my feet started hurting from the platform sandals I started a quest to find soft and comfy sandals… but I failed 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 ...and the malls and stores started closing at 10pm (since when do touristic sites in China have "closing hours"???) so we just got back to Wangfujing and my bf had a late KCF dinner before going back to the hotel.