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Flight and arrival in Beijing ~

August 24th, 9.40am (local time - Beijing)

We've arrived safely in Beijing and are waiting for a free room in our hotel  (even though according to the information we could check in anytime but now we'll have to wait till 1pm... ~.~ ) and I'll use the spare time to blog about our flight and first experiences here...

Camwhoring in while waiting at the departure gate

Tuesday, August 23rd. We got up at around 8am and prepared to leave for 9.30am. Luckily there's a tram stop near our house that brings us directly to the airport in just 20 minutes.
Our flight number was HU7958 and after checking in our luggage we took a stroll around the duty free area and bought some chocolates for our Asian friends.
It was our first time to fly with Hainan Airlines so I was pretty excited about the flight.

Hainan Airlines, we're boarding!

We boarded our flight at 1pm and took off at around 1.30pm. In Zurich it was around 30°C and weather in Beijing was expected to be around the same but I can image that the humidity must be much higher.
During the flight I listened to Show Luo's newest album and the OST of KungFu Panda 2 so... nothing special.

some flight impressions

~ Fast-forwarding 10 hours later (and +6 hours time difference) ~ 

Wednesday, August 24th. I didn't sleep much so when we arrived in Beijing at 5.20am (local time, Zurich was 11.20pm) I was looking forward to finding a warm bed in our hotel.
We took a cab (since it was even too early for the shuttle train to the centre) and arrived at the hotel (which is located near the metro station Wangfujing) at around 6am.
 Unfortunately we were much too early and they didn't have free rooms yet and asked us to come back at around 9am. We took our luggage and walked all the way to Wangfujing Lu (ok, it's not a long way but it's really complicated with the luggage), the main shopping street in Beijing where we settled with an orange juice in a McDonalds trying to pass time.... but
A glamorous start for us two warriors, right? ;D

SO tired...

Wangfujing Dajie at 7am without tourists / all shops are closed

McDonald's orange juice and a tired photo

Time passed by so slowly and we decided to go back to the hotel... but we kinda got lost and took a long way back to the hotel. We were looking for a convenience store but by 8am it seems to be hard to find an open shop at the heart of Beijing. So we returned at the hotel, where we checked in and were asked to "rest a bit" while waiting for our room to be ready and now it turned out that that "bit" might be until 1pm.

blogging and waiting

The hotel lobby

Anyway, now I've finished writing this blog post and we're still waiting for a free room...
Oh, well... Chinese bureaucrazy.... >.<'