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From Beijing to Seoul ~

August 31st, Wednesday

My bf had prepared the alarm for 4.30am so when we woke up we were both feeling like zombies
We checked out of the hotel at around 5am (and had to pay for the two pink colored towels btw) and luckily they had prepared a taxi for us.
The drive to the airport took only 40min but at the check-in we waited around 1h.
After entering the duty free area we hung around at Starbucks waiting for our flight to Seoul at 8.20am.

The flight was pretty short, specially because I nearly slept while listening to some Kpop songs.
We arrived at Seoul Gimpo airport at 11am, I drew around 1'500'000won (because now that we're in korea it's my turn to pay for everything/hotel) and then took a special "airport limousine" for 7'000 won/person which was really spacious and nice and drove us till Yeoksam Station in Gangnam district, which is in the southern part of Seoul and the other side of the Han River.

My boyfriends first remark when we got out off the flight:
"There's a blue sky!! ...and the colors are shining!"
(meaning there isn't a grey coat of pollution on everything like in China)
and then we took the airport limousine and he continued:
"Everything is so clean! ...have you thought about a language stay in Korea?"
...and I was like.... ( ̄▽ ̄;)~  

We were a bit concerned if we'd find the hotel and if we could check in because it was only 1pm when we arrived at the bus station. We asked some people on the way and they were so nice to google map for us the direction.
Then we finally found our hotel - the outside looked a bit…shady and I started doubting my choice but when we checked in (and there were no problems even though there were only two nice staff who hardly spoke English) I was really satisfied. The room is small but comfy, has a biiiig TV screen, a WINDOW!, a pc, wlan, a big washroom with a jacuzzi and one of the staff was so nice as to show us everything in the room (for example how to open/close air-conditioning).

We stayed in the hotel room, took a shower and browsed facebook/blogger (finally!!) till around 3-4pm, then we left to explore the area. Seoul is pretty complicated, because as soon as you leave the main streets you will get lost in all the nice side streets which are full of small shops/restaurants.

My boyfriend was hungry but all the restaurant were empty so we couldn't decide which one was good. We even found a cat cafe but decided not to visit since my bf wanted something "real" to eat…. in the end we landed in T.G.I. Friday…(lol) anyway, we don't have that store in Switzerland and I had eaten there before and really, really loved their ribs and my bf was really satisfied with the food and the staff who was wearing mouse/rabbit ears… (´・ω・`)

After stuffing dinner we tried to find our way back, taking lots of pictures. The streets were fuller now, there were lots of couples and young people and the small restaurants were all filled with some middle aged men eating and drinking. We even found an Artbox store (my favourite kitch store, full of agendas, plushies, tshirts and other CUUUTE stuff). ♥ ♥ 

We got back at the hotel toward 8-9pm and then I browsed the internet some more and now I'm really tired.