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Temple of Heaven ~

AUG 29th (Monday)

Today I wasn't feeling well so I slept late and then I went to discover the nearby surroundings with my boyfriend. I also bought some comfy shoes because the blue platform sandals had started hurting my feet. We "discovered" a very nice park and then walked towards south, crossed several cute dogs on our way and finally reached the Temple of Heaven (tiantan), where the emperor used to bow and thank heaven.

there was a small sign with the inscription: "refuse to feed

love how the red bridge stand out! 

the new comfy shoes I bought... chinese style of course

Small decoration details at the tiantan Park

Entrance to the tiantan

So pretty! And a vast space as always!

View from above

Chinese kitsch at its best

The Temple of Heaven, situated in southeastern Beijing, is the largest extant sacrificial temple in China. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, it was the site of imperial sacrifices to Heaven. It was here that the emperor conducted the elaborate and most exalted sacrifices addressed to "the Supreme Ruler of the Universe." (...)
On the day before sacrifices were to be conducted, the emperor came to the temple to perform preliminary rituals. He spent the night fasting in the Hall of Abstinence, directly east of the Bridge of Cinnabar Steps. This square hall is surrounded by a moat and high wall. Aside from the main hall, sleeping quarters, watch room and bell tower, there is a small stone pavilion with a bronze statue. 

The statue holds a plaque inscribed with "Rules of the Fast" to remind the emperor of his task. 
Legend holds that the statue is modeled after a Tang Dynasty official who was once bold enough to point out the emperor's faults. (...) 

The Temple of Heaven also had an office of divine music to train musicians for the rituals as well as a sacrifice chamber where animals were prepared for sacrifice.  

*Nomnom* (。・ρ・)o━<コ:彡━ イカヤキタベル?

Shanghainese must-eats: xiaolongbao and kaofu (according to laogong)

When we got back to the hotel it was already around 4pm. I ate cookies and slept for some hours. In the evening we just took a stroll around Wangfujing again, enjoyed some bubble tea, ate in a "Shanghai-style restaurant" (laogong misses Shanghainese cuisine in Beijing and that was the only affordable Shanghai-'restaurant') and bought more Azona A02 clothes ( the winter collection was out ).
Towards 10-11pm we got back home and I watched a special reportage about Rain and the "Hallyu Wave" ~ I was super excited to be watching a reportage about how Korean popular culture is spreading rapidly and Seoul as some kinda Mekka knowing that in 2 days we'd be there! 

"失败过后总有成功" - quote from the reportage I liked so much that I wrote it down XD