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Tiananmen Square & Forbidden Palace ~

August 26th, Friday

Today we woke up pretty early (around 9am) and I colored my hair with Champagne red hair dye set.
My hair turned all dark pink during the dyeing process and I was secretly hoping it'd stay like that 八(^□^*) タノム!!
that's how I looked while coloring my hair

Anyway, I didn't see much change after coloring and when we left the hotel it was raining and we could use the newly-bought tiantang umbrella.
look at this gorgeous umbrella (and my pissed bf who didn't manage to get a cab  ̄\(−_−)/ ̄オテアゲッ

First we strolled around Wangfujing trying to find a place to eat breakfast but we failed XD… and then my boyfriend tried to get a cab again but it took us 40+ minutes to realise that taking the metro would be
much easier and so we ended up in Xidan again, walking randomly around in random malls.
In one of those malls my boyfriend bought me an ultra cute Panda-iPhone case 

the super cute panda iPhone case  ( ̄(エ) ̄)

In the end we found out that there was a so-called food court in the upper part of the mall where you could eat all sorts of food without using a card (most "food courts" and there are many of them, offer
food only if you buy a member card that you can 'charge' with money) (,,#゚Д゚):∴;'・,;`:ゴルァ!!.
see all the colored signs? those are the different places where you can buy food

So we had a noodle soup, some jiaozi and chadan for breakfast/lunch and then took a metro to Tiananmen.

kiss @ tiananmen square

We took many photos at the Tiananmen Square and then proceeded to the Forbidden Palace. I started noticing how red my hair had actually gotten after the dye... ∑(O_O;)!

taking pictures in the forbidden city

Ah... China, China, CHINA!!!! ゴ━━━━(#дヽ)━━━━ルァ!! 
Wherever we are, there's always a huge crowd around us... ((bbb=(;o;)=ddd))ヌオオオッ

fighting desperately to take a photo of the inside

the inside: a throne where the emperor used to rule

After passing the Forbidden Palace *pheew* we took a cab back to Wangfujing where we hung around the mall and had some Bubble Tea. We returned back to the hotel towards 6pm and went back to the mall at 8pm to buy more Azona A02 Cat stuff <3 and we also ate really cute bear shaped sweet bread (=∩_∩=)
it needs 3 photos because this bear bread is too cute! (^□^*) ノ♥

On the way back we passed by the famous food street where we had dinner. I had zha youyu, jianbing and yangrouchuan, my bf had baozi and yangrouchuan; afterwards we got a Coke and Dessert at MCDonalds and we returned back happy to the hotel.

so much to eat and only two hands  ̄\(~_~'')/ ̄