Published 8/18/2011 by

Transition to Blogger ~

Tadaaa ~ I finally managed to switch my blog from b2evolution to blogger.

I'd been planning on doing so for a long time but since there's no easy way to export b2evo (the export file is too big >.<) I knew I had to retype all my previous posts and leave your lovely comments behind.
I feel very sad about this but I'll concentrate on the future and hope to share many, many posts and start interesting discussions with you. 

I also hopped on the bandwagon and installed Disqus, I guess most of my lovely reader are already using this useful commenting platform.

I'm still fine-tuning the layout and since I also changed the domain (my blog used to be hosted on studio-lacosta.ch and now it's finally laurita.ch) some post links might be broken... I'm trying to fix everything as soon as possible, please bear with me! ^^