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Wudaokou ~

August 25th, Thursday

Our first night in Beijing! I woke up at 3am feeling excited and simply couldn't sleep…
when I woke up again and checked my phone it was already 12pm! >.<'

My boyfriend wanted to go to the Bank of China to settle some things about his account so we waited for 1 hour at the bank…

Afterwards we were looking for some nice place to eat and found an old fashioned food street at Wangfujing where you can buy traditional snacks, fried scorpion sticks and other strange stuff. We decided that it was too oily for us (;P) and kept on searching.

It started raining and since I heard that Asian rain is sour and bad for our hair we run into the nearest mall and tried to find a cute umbrella (Tiantang / "heaven" umbrellas are my favourite brand in China).
As soon as we entered the mall I saw my favourite Chinese clothing store:
Azona A02 ♥ ♥ (I think I might write more about this store in another entry)

My boyfriend sighed because he knew that I had to enter and try all of their outfits XD''
In the end I bought two cute pieces but decided that I had to return to the store sooner or later during our Beijing trip 

We walked by a Bubble Tea Shop and got two yummy bubble teas for breakfast. There are many different brands that offer Bubble Tea and other nice (milk)teas in China, but my favorite one is Happy Lemon... I wish there were some shops in Switzerland, too... ~_~

We didn't find any nice umbrellas and the weather was grey and ugly so (instead of going to the Tiananmen Square) we decided to go visit my old university district (where I spent one year studying Chinese in 2007/2008) and eat lunch over there.
We took the subway at Dongdan and switched line (4 to 2) at Chongwenmen and (2 to 13) Xizhimen to get to Wudaokou. Actually my boyfriend suggested we took a cab but I really like taking the subway, it gives an un-touristy feeling… =D

When we arrived at Wudaokou I started feeling nostalgic, after all I hadn't been there for 3 years… and I had many, many memories in that area. I showed my boyfriend around, we bought some more stuff at Watson's (I bought a hair coloring kit ) , hung around in a nearby mall ... then entered my university campus from the South-West gate and walked past the basketball fields to the main gate where we took photos of the front door of the 'Beijing Language and Culture University'.
 I also showed him the dormitory where I used to live and then (it was already around 5-6pm) we finally ate lunch/dinner at the student's canteen. I had dumplings for 7 yuan (~1 USD) and my boyfriend had a plate with rice and assorted vegetables for 12 yuan. 
We were both very happy to finally have something to eat because it seems that we easily forget to eat breakfast/lunch here in China because we get too busy walking around or shopping.

After dinner we were both really full and getting tired so we just walked to the 'Korean mall' in Wudaokou where I showed him where my friends and I used to go for KTV or studying and I bought some Korean drinks to keep awake XD

Anyway, my boyfriend was really tired so afterwards we just returned to the hotel.