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Xidan at night ~

August 24th, Wednesday
23.41pm (local time - Beijing)
Soon after finishing my first blog entry we asked again and found out that our room was already ok… But nobody bothered telling us, if we hadn't asked we could have waited much longer… XD''

The first thing we saw after leaving the hotel: Some construction workers sitting on their helmets eating lunch

Anyway, after leaving our luggage in the hotel room we walked over to Wangfujing Dajie again looking for a supermarket. Finding a supermarket turned out to be a big quest where we had to stop pedestrians, cab drivers and security agents but nobody knew a supermarket in the vicinity.

Wangfujing Dajie is famous for the big malls and shopping centres but we just wanted to find a small supermarket where we could buy toilet paper, shampoo and other small necessities. Finally a very nice guard post helped us and told us that in the -1F of a certain mall we could find a Watsons and other small stores.
Afterwards we quickly returned to the hotel (it was already about 1pm) and could finally take a shower and sleep till 6pm.
We woke up pretty hungry and took a subway to Xidan, where we first went shopping at Metersbowne, then crossed the bridge and discovered the Apple Store (where we started an extended camwhoring session) in the Fuyue Mall and finally ate dinner at KFC (we don't have a KFC in Switzerland XD'' ). Afterwards we returned back to the hotel.
Camwhoring @ the Apple Store in Xidan

Hello Kitty store in a mall in Xidan

Our favorite mall so far... XD''

another very cute display at the mall's entrance