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J-Magazines (November 2011) ~

Here are (exclusively for my beloved readers) some of the newest Japanese magazines,
this is part 11 of my monthly series, featuring all NOVEMBER issues ^_^

Hope you enjoy reading and please comment if you download! ❤ ❤
I'll keep updating this page as long as there's some interesting November 2011 issues ~
- so make sure to check back often! ~

last update: november 20th: Cutie, Ageha, Sweet

Kera Nonno Popsister Vivi
JJ Zipper Popteen Jelly
Ray Seventeen Egg Happie Nuts
Scawaii Cutie Ageha Sweet

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Happy Birthday Coco ~

Coco silently celebrated her first year on this earth (birth date: August 29th 2010) while we were in Beijing. So now I'd like to publicly congratulate her and remember our first year together. Hope you'll enrich our life for another 20 years! ;D

Her full name is "Princess Coco Vom Haus Kring" (she's a toy spitz of pure breed) but we just call her Coco.

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ~

I'm back to Switzerland!
I'm still very jet-lagged but that's quite useful for me since I'm already awake & fit at 5am!
When we arrived home on Sunday morning the first thing we did was ... 
no, not sleep... empty our luggage and start the washing machine.
We made at least 7 wash cycles... >.<' Our whole place smelled like detergent. XD''
Afterwards we took a shower and fell asleep.
On Monday we went grocery shopping and in the evening we picked up our pets at my mothers place.
Here some of the newest photos from Switzerland...


I'm working on the blog posts of Beijing and Seoul, hopefully I'll be finished (and ready to publish) by the end of this week because next week is the start of the new university term! 
...and I'm also wishing you:

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
(actually it was yesterday but since I kinda missed it I'm celebrating it today ^^')
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DAY 2 (part 1): Seoul N Tower ~

Today we slept in… I woke up toward 11am and spent half of the day browsing internet and chilling out. Laogong went outside to buy some water and cookies and we just kept comfortable at the hotel.
Towards 3pm we took off and rode the metro to Myeongdong Station.

I was smart enough to carry a cardigan (only for the subway rides) with me - the air-conditioning is freezing!!

...not quite sure which way to take, the guide book only indicated which station we have to get off

a funny street art picture XD

there was a really cute coffee shop on the way... Koreans seem to be infatuated with "coffee shops" anyway

From there we walked up a hill to the Cable Car Station that would lead to N Seoul Tower. We took the Cable Car and then arrived at the Tower. There we took many camwhoring pix on the way and bought combi-tickets for the Teddy Bear Museum and Observatory.

finally found the cable car station! (;´ρ`) グッタリ

yay! N Seoul Tower, we're coming!! ( ^ _ ^)∠☆

view from the cable car

finally able to see the tower from vicinity!

decoration in front of the N Seoul Tower

'You're Beautiful' fan merchandise! The pig-rabbit was everywhere

 Korea goodies - how can you not love these? ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ わーい

a small part of one of the gorgeous pictures hanging at the wall in the tower \(゚▽゚=))/

entrance to the Teddy Bear Museum ⊂(● ̄(エ) ̄●)⊃

First we visited the Teddy Bear Museum… it was very informative and SO cute! I'll reserve some Teddy Bear Eye-Candy in a separate post. ^^
Then we played some games and also tried our luck on a cute ufo catcher but unfortunately didn't manage to win one of these cuties TT_TT

I wanted a red one so badly! (*´ο`*)=3 はふぅん

The observatory was nice, too. There were two observatory floors:
The higher one were you can enjoy the view standing and using a telescope to stalk the streets was quite funny because each direction was marked with the name of the countries in that direction and the distance to reach them.
The lower one was a café were you could enjoy the view sitting... but when we arrived it was already full of couples so I could just take a quick snapshot of how it looked like. (;⌒▽⌒)σ

the gorgeous view in the upper floor

KISS @ N Seoul Tower

trying out the telescope

the white thing in the middle was the cable car station

a panorama photo of the upper floor

The lower floor with all the lovey-dovey couples...

(lower floor) d'aawwwing at all these couples... 

the traditional wedding ceremony show

When we got out of the tower we saw the last 5 minutes of a "traditional Korean wedding ceremony" show... ―(T_T)→ サクッ 
Afterwards we discovered the surrounding of the tower and took the cable car back to Myeongdong...
  (read part 2 - soon to come)
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DAY 1 : Gyeongbokgung ~

September 1st, Thursday

I had some trouble sleeping because it seems that next to our hotel there's a karaoke place and there was a guy singing very loudly outside and music as loud as when you leave your iPod on full volume with earphones and forget to turn it off and then hear it in the same room… (T▽T)''


buying metro tickets

a nearly empty metro...

this was a joke photo: look at all the phone zombies to the left

@ Gyeongbokgung Station: Even the metro station was decorated ☆彡

Metro at rush hour.... (;´ρ`)

Anyway, we slept till around 10am, then left thru Yeoksam Station to Kyudae station then to Jongno3ga station and then finally to 경복궁 (Gyeongbukgung). I like the biggest Palace in Korea very much because it's in a very good condition and there aren't tons of people visiting like in China. We took many many many pictures and then went back by metro towards 3.20pm.

at Gyeongbokgung... ♥ 

There are too many nice photos... I'll post more in a separate post! ♥ 

My bf enrolled in some complementary classes at the hotel and then we got out again to eat breakfast/lunch (yes, we hadn't eaten anything since the day before XD'')… We ended up in a small restaurant where we had bibim naengmyeon and mandu. The owner also served us some Kimchi we could cut ourselves.

cutting kimchi is serious business xD''

yum yum

Then we went back to hotel, took a shower and rested.
Towards 6pm we left the hotel for Guanghuamun where we met 리나 at 7.15pm.
We ate in a nearby place Bibimbab and Bulgogi and then strolled around the center to the 청계천 (Cheonggyecheon), where we sat down and talked.

eating bibimbab

some night photos...

Then we took the bus no402 to Gangnam station, walked around there and looked at the small street vendors and then got back to the hotel by metro (리나 left us at the gangnam metro station) at around 11.40pm.
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