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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ~

I'm back to Switzerland!
I'm still very jet-lagged but that's quite useful for me since I'm already awake & fit at 5am!
When we arrived home on Sunday morning the first thing we did was ... 
no, not sleep... empty our luggage and start the washing machine.
We made at least 7 wash cycles... >.<' Our whole place smelled like detergent. XD''
Afterwards we took a shower and fell asleep.
On Monday we went grocery shopping and in the evening we picked up our pets at my mothers place.
Here some of the newest photos from Switzerland...


I'm working on the blog posts of Beijing and Seoul, hopefully I'll be finished (and ready to publish) by the end of this week because next week is the start of the new university term! 
...and I'm also wishing you:

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
(actually it was yesterday but since I kinda missed it I'm celebrating it today ^^')