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October in a nutshell ~


  •  Lolita Afternoon Tea  @Miyuko's  (& being able to meet so many cool Swiss and German Lolitas!
  • + meeting other two Swiss bloggers : Miho-chan & Neko-chan
  • Starting Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Bootcamp and improving my life little by little
  • finally meeting my Knudis (my 4 girl-friends) again ~
  • studying to the soundtrack of Spirited Away... it's inspiring music and I really enjoy it!
  • successfully co-organizing new Korean classes at my university! (more Korean learning posts to come!)

and some Coco cuteness...

Currently -ing

❤ food: the self-made curry of laogong
❤ clothes: many different coats please!  It's suddenly gotten so cold!
❤ activity: The Radical Self Love Bootcamp ☆ (by Gala Darling
❤ movie: Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli (I rewatched and reloved it! ♥ )
❤ tv drama: 美男ですね ~ the Japanese version of 미남이시네요 ("You're Beautiful")
❤ book: "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferriss (this book captured me till the end!)
❤ iphone app: Hipstamatic (I even created a folder which collects all photos taken in Asia and another with cats XD)

a doodle from my Statistics class for laogong

the sun shining beautifully & my shimmering love messages

Plans for November 2011

 November : Month of Appreciation (find something to be of grateful every day) ♥
☽ 11.11.11 ~ Review my resolutions and implement the new habits
 Celebrating both (U.S.) Thanksgiving and my birthday on the same day! (with a turkey XD)


How was your October?

Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it! 

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The Art of Love ~

No matter if you are single and looking or already in a relationship, no matter how high or low your happiness level currently is, I'm sure you will benefit from this  free online teleseminar series

21+ Experts will share techniques and tips on how to improve your love life and relationship, 
have fabulous sex and a happy married life!

It's a total 11~day immersion:
November 1st - November 11th

Go to Love Summit and 
sign up for more instructions!

Since I'm an eager devourer of self-development and relationship books I know some of the Experts, but I guess most of you might already know (for example) Dr. John Gray, the author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" or Deepak Chopra who wrote more than 40 books about spirituality and health topics. btw I'm not getting paid for this 'publicity', I just signed up myself and consider myself lucky to even get to know about this event and thought I might share it with my beloved readers!

Here a small excerpt from the information on the official Love Summit homepage:

Big Thanks to the hosts Arielle Ford and Claire Zammit! 
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Let's get personal ~

Recently I haven't been blogging much again... school started and I've kept myself busy with studying and sleeping when I'm at home. It's really relaxing being finally able to concentrate completely on my studies without having a 50% and later even 80% part-time job!
But despite having so much time only to study and for hobbies I feel like I'm not taking care of myself properly... I'm still stressed, I'm still not satisfied and I have so much past clutter in my mind.

So I decided to write up these 11 tasks/habits I want to work on until November 11th. 
I hope to be able to solve as many past problems and feel healthy and fit.

start blogging regularly again! (means posting 2x week)
❤ study for school like there's no tomorrow
❤ let go of past struggles or commitments that keep tormenting me
❤ complete Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Bootcamp
 start either meditating or doing yoga / mornings & evenings
 learn to keep my room clean and tidy
❤ keep a daily gratitude list
❤ sing every day for at least 15 minutes
 try not to complain for 1 week straight
❤ drink 1 litre of water every day
❤ publish most of my draft posts

I marked some hearts golden because these are the most important resolutions for me:
 Even though I should lead a simple life as a student I still keep many past issues I have in my mind because I'm such a procrastinator - I want to finally be able to let go of these thoughts or solve these problems and forget about them! I also have so many draft posts that are waiting to be posted and it really bothers me that I'm such a lazy blogger... -.-'
 Another issue is my messy room - I keep losing stuff and it stresses me out completely! >.< I think that clutter can hinder our mind to find calmness so I try to make and keep my room an eye-candy.
 The last thing is really important to me - I'm a notoric nagger, this doesn't affect my blogging topics but in real life (and specially my boyfriend is concerned) I'm terrible! I start every morning thinking stuff like "oh no... I have to get up, it's sooo cold and soo early and I'm pissed. I don't wanna go to school... the weather is horrible and blablabla" you can imagine how nerve-racking that must be for my poor boyfriend... I really want to cultivate an appreciative heart and enjoy life to its fullest!

❤ What are habits you are trying to implement? 
❤ What are your secrets to keep yourself healthy and fit?
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Zooh! Zurich ~

*haha* It really seems like every summer after our Asia vacation we end up having a date in the Zoo of Zurich. This year we couldn't back out so here some impressions of today's trip.

The Zoo Zurich (also called Zooh) is trying to give the animals their natural environment as much as possible and is always constructing new zones for specific animals (now they are constructing a huge 'Elephant Park'.
My personal highlight is the Masoala Hall, which is one of the biggest rainforest greenhouses in the world full of plants and small animals. The temperature is pretty high so ever since it was opened every winter there's publicity to come to this place :)

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Knudi Treff ~

Here some photos of the recent meet up with my high school girl friends 
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Lolita Afternoon Tea @ Miyuko ~

This Sunday I suddenly found myself in a small Wonderland, where every tiny detail was carefully planned and the protagonists where all dressed like princesses from a land above the rainbow.

After meeting some of the ladies at the main station we proceeded to Les Gourmandises de Miyuko a small but sugary-sweet café and tearoom for our Lolita Afternoon Tea Event.

I was pretty excited about this event because - unlike "normal" Lolita meetups - it wasn't open to everyone, there was a limited number of places and there were several well known Lolitas coming all the way from Germany for this event plus I didn't know most of the participants until I heard that two of my Swiss blogger friends had also signed up. =D

When we arrived at the café we were handed a pink welcome drink and started chatting outside and getting to know each other while the others were preparing our tables.
Look at the beautifully arranged tea-table and snacks! 

Soon the other half of the guests, the German lolitas, arrived and we started by looking for our seats.
Sara had the smart idea of putting name cards and mixing us thus forcing us to get to know new Lolitas. I sat in a table with two completely stranger German lolitas and we had a great time chatting about German and Swiss dialects and the German Lolita scene.

(edit: I'll be adding another photo with my cherry-sister Kandee Gore soon!)

After taking our seats we started with a small quiz about Germany and Switzerland to test our general knowledge about each other. :)
Then... we finally got to taste the cute small snacks that Sara had prepared for us!
Some treats were heart- and even bow-shaped and everything was created by Sara herself! It was a delicious experience!

There was also a small activity called Montagsmaler, it's kinda like a quiz where you draw a part of an object/concept on a blackboard and other have to guess what it is.
I completely missed this activity because I was in the first group of macaron decoration!
One of my friends from Japanese class also visited us and asked some questions about our views on the Lolita scene and so on for one of her paper.

After (more or less) successfully decorating macarons we went outside to take camwhoring photos in front of the cute café. We took group photos, posed on the tables, laughed at our silly poses and had funny talks.
There was also a contest who made the coolest macaron decoration, the winner received a special goody bag. Towards the end we all got a small goody bag and the German Lolitas had to quickly set off to prevent sitting in traffic on their way home to Germany.

The other two Swiss bloggers and I left the meet up together, strolled some more around downtown Zurich and got to know each other better. I hope we can meet again soon!

Above is a detailed photo of the outfit I was wearing... I'm a sucker for red and I really really like my cherry jumper skirt. In the group photo I'm also wearing a red jacket. 

Thanks to Sara from Miyuko for organizing this wonderful afternoon!

above two photos credit: Katze // all other photos are mine


The three fabulous Swiss bloggers!
Nekochan, Mihochan and me
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