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The Art of Love ~

No matter if you are single and looking or already in a relationship, no matter how high or low your happiness level currently is, I'm sure you will benefit from this  free online teleseminar series

21+ Experts will share techniques and tips on how to improve your love life and relationship, 
have fabulous sex and a happy married life!

It's a total 11~day immersion:
November 1st - November 11th

Go to Love Summit and 
sign up for more instructions!

Since I'm an eager devourer of self-development and relationship books I know some of the Experts, but I guess most of you might already know (for example) Dr. John Gray, the author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" or Deepak Chopra who wrote more than 40 books about spirituality and health topics. btw I'm not getting paid for this 'publicity', I just signed up myself and consider myself lucky to even get to know about this event and thought I might share it with my beloved readers!

Here a small excerpt from the information on the official Love Summit homepage:

Big Thanks to the hosts Arielle Ford and Claire Zammit!